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Zellige 2×6 subway

stylish and unique 2x6 subway tile to elevate any room

2x6 Zellige subway tile is incredibly versatile, and a suitable option for a wide variety of applications. From walls to backsplashes to flooring, our 2x6 zellige subway tiles can be used to transform any space into a place of beauty. And if you’re looking to improve a bathroom or shower, 2x6 zellige subway tiles are one of the best options available for wet environments as their matte finish is naturally slip-resistant.

Our 2x6 zellige subway tiles come in a multitude of colors. All of our 2x6 zellige subway tiles are handcrafted by artisans in a wide range of styles. When it comes to 2x6 zellige subway tiles, we have something for every designer, homeowner, and home improvement aficionado.

Zia’s 2x6 zellige subway tiles are handcrafted in Morocco with the finest materials, honed and perfected by artisans using an ancient tradition passed down over generations. Our craftsmen start with raw clay, which they soak in water and hand filter for impurities. At this point, the clay becomes a soft, malleable substance that can be placed into various molds. These pieces are then placed side by side and left to dry in the bright Moroccan sun.

The 2x6 zellige subway tiles are then flattened and shaped by hand and left to dry further. Each piece of zellige is hand-dipped in glaze and then methodically placed in an earthen kiln. Heat is distributed unevenly throughout the kiln which gives zellige its incredible variation.

This individualized process means no two 2x6 zellige subway tiles are exactly the same – it’s these subtle variations that set zellige tile apart from mass-produced, highly uniform tiles. If your mission is creating an environment that highlights craftsmanship over cookie-cutter approaches, these tiles could be perfect for your next installation.

We invite you to browse our collection of colors to find the perfect zellige tile for your bathroom, kitchen, shower, pool, or backsplash.

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