Why we love our Cadiz tile pattern.

At Zia Tile, we have passion for all things cement tile. Our Cadiz cement tile design is a best seller and one of our absolute favorites. As one of our geometric tile designs, it has an interlocking, moorish design. Cadiz cement tiles are perfect for bathrooms, showers, and flooring applications. They are also especially relevant for use in kitchen backsplashes, kitchen floors, powder rooms and outdoor patios. They are timeless, durable, and endlessly variable. Find over a hundred unique designs like our Cadiz tile at

Where our cement tile comes from.

The French and Catalans were the first to use the technique in the 1850’s both in France and in Barcelona. The complex patterns used in the tiles are due to an interest in ancient cultures, most notably early Arab and Moorish art. As a result, the tiles spread throughout Europe as a high quality flooring material and then onto former European colonies in Latin America, North Africa, and Vietnam.

How Zia Tile manufactures our tile.

We make cement tiles like our Cadiz pattern by hand, one at a time, using mineral pigments, cement, a mold, and a hydraulic press. Every Cadiz tile is unique and one of a kind, as each tile  will be subtly different from the next. The individual patterns are made by applying separate pigments, one by one, in a handmade copper mold.  The process is incredibly delicate, requiring skilled artisans with years of experience.

Why we love cement tile

Our Cadiz cement tiles are not fired in a kiln because there is no glaze layer on the surface of the tile. As a result, their production has a much lower carbon footprint compared to ceramic tiles.  Not only are they eco friendly, they are also incredibly durable, lasting well over a century. Each tile has an endless array of patterns and 100+ custom colors to chose from.