first 5 samples are free!
first 5 samples are free!

It’s Almost Here…Get Ready for Thin Glazed Brick!

04 / 02 / 2020



Any designer will tell you that the most important goal when designing a home is bridging the gap between trendiness and timelessness. Homeowners want something that looks stunning now, but will also add to the value of their property. So, how exactly do you create a stylish interior that will never go out of style? You put a twist on traditionalism. Introducing our newest tile that can do it all…thin glazed brick!






What IS Thin Glazed Brick



Brick has been an architectural staple for practically eons, but you’ve never seen brick like this. With all the classic elements of the brick we know and love, we’ve added contemporary flair to a traditional favorite. Super thin and super glossy, there’s never been a material this versatile for your space. Getting excited for the launch? So are we! Read on to explore more of thin glazed brick’s infinite possibilities.




Yay for Clay!



It’s no secret we LOVE clay, and thin glazed brick is our most recent obsession. These ultra-low-profile stunners are our latest installment in the clay saga. Depending on your choice of color, our thin glaze brick can blend in OR stand out. Be bold and cover a large space in vibrant shades, or spruce up a small area with neutral tones. No matter where you choose to lay these shiny tiles, we guarantee they will elevate your interior. The subway cut is fashionably modern while the aged texture is perfectly imperfect.



Farmhouse Fantasies



If you’re designing a rustic-themed space, we can already guess that the mention of thin glazed brick has probably piqued your interest. Brick is undeniably perfect for a farmhouse feel. Shabby-chic enthusiasts will be absolutely drooling over our collection. If you’re looking for an effortless, natural appearance with a subtly chic touch, these new tiles were made for you. Cover your converted barn or make your fireplace look even hotter. Thin glazed brick will complete your aesthetic and wow your guests wherever it’s installed.




Downtown Dreams



We’ve seen tons of classy installations using thin glazed brick, but they can also help designers achieve a more modern aesthetic. The intentionally textured surface can create an edgy, industrial appearance. By choosing thin brick in cool, neutral shades, you can capture a totally trendy, lofty vibe. This is an EXCELLENT choice for commercial buildings and office spaces. Convert a warehouse or complement a former factory space. Make your space hip and intentionally unfinished to inspire customers and employees and promote creativity.




New Just for You



New means exciting, but it also means you might have some questions. Never fear! Our friendly team is here. We love working with designers and assisting clients in navigating the wonderful world of tile. If you have a vision you think thin glazed brick would be suited for, we can help you bring it to life! Ask us about our tips and tricks for installation. We can even send you free samples so you can see our amazing new products in person before placing an order. Zia Tile is based in Los Angeles but we ship worldwide. What are you waiting for? Shoot us an email about thin glazed brick today.

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