first 5 samples are free!
first 5 samples are free!

The Tile You’ve Been Waiting For: Cotto

04 / 01 / 2020



Exciting news! Our highly-anticipated Terra Cotta “Cotto” tiles are about to launch, and just in time for your summer renovation. It’s easy to forget that we’re halfway through the year, but somehow, we’re already smack-dab in the heat of mid-July. I know, we’re in a time warp, but all we can do is embrace the rest of the season with open arms. (Figuratively, of course.) You might not be able to travel to a beachside town and sip Aperol spritz on a Mediterranean patio, but you CAN make your space feel like an eternal vacation. Cotto clay was created for those who want to craft an at-home oasis.



Transport & Transform


Reminiscent of aged Terra Cotta, these handmade tiles are warmer than the midsummer sun. You can place them inside, or in your (previously under-appreciated) outdoor space. Each of our three color options will transport you to a carefree respite from everyday life. The neutral shades can slip right in to any color palette, and the handcrafted quality will complement all design schemes. If you can’t take your much-deserved holiday, bring it home with you! Hand-pressed using Mexican clay, these rustic beauties will elevate your space and make you actually look forward to spending time at home.




Classically Crafted, Modern Approved



It’s no secret that we love the appearance of natural materials, but Cotto is on another level. Our most rustic looking tile, Cotto is the epitome of organic beauty. If you want a material that looks and feels like pure, unadulterated clay, Terra Cotta looking Cotto is a neutral-lovers dream. The best part? They only look more beautiful with time. Their perfect imperfections become more prominent as they develop a gorgeous leathery patina. Plus, you are guaranteed a space unlike any other. High-fired and easy to seal, these Terra Cotta spectacles can also be installed in areas of freeze/thaw. Trust the natural beauty of Cotto clay, and you will marvel at how much authentic detail comes through.



Warm Up Your Business



Ready to elevate your business and take your space to the next level? Cotto is an EXCELLENT choice for commercial interiors and exteriors. Not only will it draw in customers with its radiant warmth and textured aesthetic, but it’s also ridiculously durable. You don’t need to worry about heavy foot traffic, because Cotto was made to last. The worn-down look only adds to its distinct appearance, and emphasizes the handmade value. Plus, they’re totally waterproof! That means you can rest easy instead of worrying about stains and spills. Cover your entire commercial floor in Cotto, or revamp your company kitchen. No matter where you install this Terra Cotta style tile, prepare for your employees and customers to stop and stare.




Our New Launch, For Your New Space



Cotto is our newest addition to the Zia Tile family, so we know you might have some questions! That’s why our team is available to answer all of your Cotto-related inquiries. Want to see these Mexican-made marvels for yourself? No problem! We offer free samples so you can see which of our three vibrant shades fits best in your space. Let’s chat design-spiration and maximize Cotto’s potential in your unique space. With a hardy surface and a versatile color palette, Cotto can be installed pretty much anywhere you could dream of. Our team loves chatting with designers and homeowners and helping each customer execute their décor vision. Ready to commit to clay? Contact us today and we’ll make sure your order is placed ASAP.

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