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Trend Report: Moroccan Zellige Tiles

10 / 09 / 2022

2x6 'Jade' glazed terra-cotta zellige, 3/4 inch thick, 7.23 square feet per box (90 tiles)
Jade green Moroccan zellige tiles from Zia Tile



While handcrafted clay tiles have always been a staple in designer interiors, they have certainly been in the spotlight in recent years. Handmade tiles allow designers the opportunity to follow trends while still maintaining a one-of-a-kind style – the perfect balance of modern and artisanal. Zellige tiles are crafted by skilled artisans in Morocco, modeled after a long tradition of North African earthenware. Not only are the tiles themselves ultra-popular, but there are endless fresh installations offering design inspiration.  We’ve highlighted the trendiest ways to incorporate this fiery hot material. Zellige gives you the opportunity to tell a story with your space!


A Moody Glow


Dare to go dark with an interior filled with deep, dynamic tones. An easy way to prevent a moody space from looking cold is by focusing on monochromatic warm tones. This look is bold yet inviting, and our Terra Rosa zellige tiles are ideal here. 2022 is all about taking chances with your décor while still embracing a level of sophistication. Pair your clay tiles with other natural materials like sequoia brown marble or hardwood floors. Create a romantic atmosphere with soft, warm-toned lighting to achieve that coveted, glamourous glow.

True Textural Contrast


Zellige’s ever-so-iconic texture is one of its most coveted qualities. It is immediately apparent that Moroccan zellige tiles haven’t been mass-manufactured like their commercial counterparts. Try emphasizing the striking textures of zellige by pairing it with other handcrafted tile. Choose a zellige shape and color that will contrast the complementary cement or Cotto tile. This blend of styles will make both surfaces pop. Try tiling your shower walls or kitchen backsplash with glistening zellige, then using a matte tile on your floor. If you want your flooring to have warm undertones, go with a cool-toned zellige tile. The more contrast, the better!

PS: Want to add an extra-trendy twist? Install subway-style zellige tiles vertically rather than horizontally. This will elongate your space and emphasize the visual variation of zellige.


Vertical zellige tile
Vertical zellige subway tile


An Earthy Touch


You don’t have to cover your entire home in zellige to make an impact. If you want to dip your toe in the zellige pond, even a small installation can dramatically transform a space. Areas like nooks, bars, backsplashes, and fireplaces are great ways to experiment with the zellige trend. The natural sheen of glazed zellige will make your space shine – no matter how compact. For an earthy, understated look, go for our Glazed Earth shade. This subtle hue will enhance rather than distract from your surrounding décor. Moroccan zellige tiles may be on trend, but they are totally timeless.


Neutral zellige tile bar
Zellige tile bar

A One-of-a-Kind Palette


If subtlety isn’t your style, zellige also excels in bold, saturated tones. We offer Moroccan zellige tiles in every color of the rainbow, from Cayenne red to Cadmium yellow. One of our most beloved recent installations includes the jaw-dropping Purple Iris tile. This deep violet hue is truly unforgettable. Unconventional colors are trending this year and designer interiors are all about taking risks and making your mark. Dare to explore colors you may have not originally considered. The possibilities are endless.


Purple zellige tile bathroom
Purple iris zellige tile

An Unconventional Installation


Searching for a special way to make your zellige pop? Try an unconventional installation method! While we always recommend using a professional contractor for all installations, there are a few techniques you can suggest. Moroccan zellige tiles are typically installed edge-to-edge, without any grout. However, you may consider a trendy grid-like look with a wider grout line to offer a fresh take on 800 years of tradition, while setting your installation apart from the rest. Leanne Ford exemplifies this unique technique with our Desert Bloom zellige tiles.


Bathroom zellige tile
Desert bloom zellige tile

Blending Trendy with Timeless


Zellige tile might be trendy, but that doesn’t mean it’s going out of style any time soon! The beauty of zellige is that it retains a level of timelessness that other materials can’t touch. With literal centuries of history to support its eternal popularity, Moroccan zellige tiles stand the test of time blending trends with timelessness. While these tessellated beauties have undoubtedly had a major comeback in recent years, you can ensure your space will always look stylish. Searching for additional info? Visit our complete guide to zellige tile, or email us at info@ziatile.com.

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