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thin glazed brick

Thin Glazed Brick In Multiple Styles, Shapes & Colors To Choose From

Endlessly versatile and ultra-low maintenance, our thin glazed brick is finally here. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, reliable tile for your upcoming renovation, look no further!

Perfect for most wall applications, our thin-glazed brick tile is great everywhere from backsplashes to bathrooms. Our thin-glazed brick tiles can be used to transform any space into a place of beauty. And if you’re looking to improve a bathroom or shower, thin-glazed brick tiles are one of the best options available for wet environments as they’re already sealed.

Our thin-glazed brick tile is available in six classic colorways, this brand-new thin-glazed brick tile is suitable for design projects of all sizes. Each thin-glazed brick tile has a super-thin clay body and a subtle, glossy surface. For the minimalist or the lover of detail, these textured tiles are cut to stylish subway perfection.

All of our thin-glazed brick tiles are handcrafted by artisans in a classic subway tile shape. From delightfully rustic to industrial chic, thin-glazed brick will complement your style. When it comes to thin-glazed brick tiles, we have something for every designer, homeowner, and home improvement aficionado.

If your mission is creating an environment that highlights your style, our thin-glazed brick tiles could be perfect for your next installation, large or small. We invite you to browse our collection of colors and to find that perfect thin-glazed brick tile for your bathroom, kitchen, shower, or backsplash.

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