We’re obsessed with this recent backsplash install of our Glacier Blue zellige. The rich color stands out against the monochromatic cabinetry for a look that is unique to these homeowners.

Zellige glistens in the light which brightens up any space. The natural irregularities and texture are a part of the imperfectly perfect nature of our zellige. Available in 2×6, 4×4 and hex, all three sizes are perfect for wall surfaces.

Though our zellige is made according to a historic method, we carry modern shapes, sizes and colors. We have an expansive collection of 30+ vivid colors ranging from Casablanca White to Avocado Hex. Use our Carbon Black Hex for your moody and modern kitchen backsplash or our Glazed Earth 4×4 for an earthy, natural bathroom space. Or think completely outside of the box and create your own mosaic. No matter what design goals you have, our zellige is a timeless, durable and artistic choice for any space. 


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