Introducing Cotto Allende

Cotto Allende or “baked earth” is a unique take on terra cotta tiles with a glazed, semi-glossy surface. Discover the latest line from Zia Tile.

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01 / 26 / 2024

Cotto is part of a long lineage of fired clays that date back to the dawn of civilization itself. For thousands of years, Mexico has upheld a rich heritage of pottery and clay-based art and the town of San Miguel de Allende is a dazzling exemplification of this craft. With interior and exterior tile work throughout the city, it is easy to see why we were inspired by this terra-cotta-covered utopia.

Cotto Allende Albar 4x4

Building on the enthusiasm around our core Cotto line, we are thrilled to introduce this new category expansion. Our Cotto Allende collection uses the same clay base as our existing Cotto tiles – with a twist. These tiles have a glazed, semi-glossy surface, with various finishes in a variety of inspired colors. With cool tones like Peyote and Azul, and warmer shades like Dorado and Lupe, this new offering exudes understated elegance in its restrained-yet-rich tones.

Cotto Allende Azul 4x4


The clay of our Cotto Allende tiles is mixed with water and blended to the ideal consistency, then pressed in a mold to dry for 1-2 weeks until the proper moisture level is achieved for firing. At this point, wood ash is added to the surface of our fired earth tiles to give them their distinctive surface coloration. Finally, the tiles are glazed to perfection.

Cotto Allende Lupe 4x4

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a destination of vibrant color and culture. Named for this inspiring locale, our glazed Cotto Allende tiles reflect the rich history and innate vitality of the city. Hand-formed by skilled artisans, these clay-based tiles celebrate the longstanding tradition of Mexican terra cotta. Our dynamically hued Cotto Allende collection is our modern take on this ancient art, designed to suit a variety of indoor or outdoor creative projects.

Cotto Allende Peyote 4x4

Allende means “beyond,” which we think is a fitting description of these glorious, glazed marvels. We are thrilled to welcome this handcrafted addition to our collection of curated tiles. Order samples today and be one of the first to experience the evolution of our high-fired Cotto line with a new installation. Contact Zia Tile to learn more about our adaptable, high-quality selection.

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