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Zia’s journey began with encaustic cement, the bold and beautiful tile that launched our brand. We recognized the unique qualities and timeless appeal of enduring cement tiles and this passion inspired us to explore the possibilities in color, shape, and design that comprise our wider offering.

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03 / 20 / 2024

case study cement tile designs
The new cement tile collection.

Discover "Case Study"

We are delighted to unveil the most significant release in the cement category since our initial launch, the marvelously Mid-Century Case Study Collection. This milestone represents a culmination of years of meticulous design work, expert craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It's a testament to the enduring significance of cement tiles in our brand's story and the design world at large.

warm-toned cement tile ideas
Is cement tile the right choice for you?

Why Cement Tile?

Zia's encaustic cement tiles are individually handcrafted from premium materials, skillfully refined by artisans using time-honored techniques from the 1850s. Each tile is shaped using mineral pigments, cement, a mold, and a hydraulic press. This results in a unique blend of colors, shapes, patterns, and sizes.

These artisanal tiles boast a matte finish and subtle tonal variations, providing a resilient and elevated surface. Due to their unique method of construction, they are both eco-friendly and highly durable. You can install cement tiles practically anywhere, from your kitchen backsplash to your bathroom floor.

elemental blue cement tiles
Designed for creatives, by creatives.

The Importance of Curation

At Zia Tile, we approach product development with a goal of timeless design that resonates with our clients’ modern lifestyles. In this collection, we've taken the time to curate a lineup of new designs that reflect the tastes and desires of our increasingly creative client base, while ensuring the taste level and quality of these tiles will last a lifetime – and beyond.

This patient approach to design has ensured that our new cement tile collection is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful to those who choose to incorporate it into their spaces. This collection is intended to spark inspiration and speak directly to your individuality and style, both in selection and choice of layout.

Explore the full spectrum of Case Study.

A Contemporary Color Palette

This selection has been thoughtfully designed to encompass a spectrum of both vibrant and soft colorways, a broad palette that caters to diverse styles. The careful coloring of each tile reflects our commitment to providing an aesthetic that enhances both commercial and residential spaces.

While inspired by Mid-Century Modern and 1970s design, this collection feels fresh. Most importantly, we understand the importance of longevity in design and know clients will appreciate the aging of these special surfaces over time.

samba canyon case study tile
Handcrafted, individually designed.

Exclusively Designed In-House

We've honed in on the dynamic appeal of geometric patterns, offering a bold and distinctive take on cement tile. By focusing on clean lines, sharp angles, and intricate shapes, we've curated a collection that exudes a crisp aesthetic while maintaining visual versatility. These geometric designs are suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, making a statement without overwhelming the overall design.

Whether you opt for a quieter installation or a bold pop, our cement tiles will infuse your space with a touch of playful sophistication. Each exclusive design has been created by our in-house team as a true artistic expression of the Zia aesthetic.

Our Next Cement Chapter

We are excited to share this carefully crafted collection that pays homage to our roots while embracing the future of tile design. This announcement marks the fulfillment of a vision that has been a long time in the making. We look forward to inspiring new possibilities and setting new standards in the industry with this exciting addition to our vast cement tile selection.

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