The Best Tile Colors for Every Mood

It’s no secret that colors can have a powerful effect on our psyche. When designing interiors, color plays a major role in establishing the overall feel of an environment. Tile is an easy way to bring color to a room, so consider the emotion you want to evoke from the moment people step into your space. Whether you love energizing hues or tranquil tones, each shade will influence the ambiance of your home, so select colors that best match the mood.

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06 / 05 / 2024

Square cadmium yellow zellige tiles in shower

Top yellow tile shades

Here Comes the Sun

If you’re looking for an instant mood-booster, you can’t beat yellow. Our Moroccan zellige tiles come in several sunny shades and the glossy finish of these mosaic-style beauties creates a vibrant, saturated surface. Opt for a hue like Cadmium yellow for maximum visual impact. For a slightly more subtle approach, go with Amber. If patterns are more your jam, our Ocotillo cement tiles are vibrant and unconventional. For a juicy, citrus-inspired splash of color, consider our more uniform matte Citron ceramic tiles. From sunshine yellow to earthy gold, kick neutrals up a notch in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and more.

Blue cement tiles on shower wall

Beautiful tiles in shades of blue

Blue Crush

You can’t go wrong with hues of blue, lauded for their serene touch. While cement tiles are available in every color of the rainbow, there’s something special about clean, cool tones. From Sage to Midnight blue, select from colorways soft to deep, or our boldest of all, Yves Klein-inspired Elemental Blue. If you’re seeking a more dynamic, artisanal look, consider a brighter boost of color in glazed Tulum zellige tiles, which inspire a carefree, vacation-like state of mind. One of our most true representations of blue is our Azul cotto Allende tiles; the textural variations in this glazed terra cotta line create a multi-dimensional display of azure. If your goal is to create a tranquil space that looks effortlessly modern, consider blue-toned tiles.

Light green zellige tiles on shower wall

A gorgeous green tile selection

Go Green

Green inspires freshness and growth, a positive energy we all can call into our spaces. To dip your toe into this trusted palette, consider a lighter green like precise Ponderosa Ceramic. We’re currently coveting Prismatic 5 zellige mosaics in Tidepool, a jewel of a small-format tile backed on wire mesh for easy installation and an impressively dynamic finish. In Cotto Allende, just-dark-enough Valverde brings saturation in an elevated glazed finish. To fully channel Emerald City vibes, opt for glistening zellige in Jade or Racing Green, two darker hues that celebrate the richness found in nature. Whether your home is packed with plants or has windows overlooking greenery, bring the outside in with nature’s most soothing, saturated tones.

Handmade red clay cotto tiles on floor

Natural red handmade tiles

Warm, Earthy Reds

If you love color but your goal is to curate an organic atmosphere, there are several shades of red that will fulfill your vision. Reds are known as a sultry color, but in common spaces can feel less sexy, but warmer and more welcoming. Add red to your home through our earthy Cotto tiles in Red Clay – a fiery reddish orange. These tiles are tame enough to cover an entire floor in your kitchen or foyer without sacrificing style. If you’re looking for a brighter alternative, consider Cayenne red zellige tiles, which capture light in their glistening glaze. For a rich, rusty shade, Atomic cement tiles create a vividly warm appearance. Earthy reds will instantly create an ambiance that inspires a cozy sense of home.

Pink dahlia cement tile in bathroom

A range of pretty pink tiles

Pretty in Pink

Pastel colors can give your home a calming effect while still serving as a colorful focal point. The pink family signifies love, affection, and warmth, a softer alternative to reds. Our ultra-popular Desert Bloom zellige will illuminate any room with a rainbow of rosy pink tones. If pink zellige feels too feminine, consider playful terrazzo options like Sunnylands or Tahquitz, whose base colors are balanced by earthy aggregates that call upon designs from ancient Italy to mid-century Palm Springs. Beyond our terrazzo offerings, our ceramics line has some gorgeous options from soft Field Thistle to bright Pink Dahlia. Don’t miss our Cantera line, natural volcanic rock cut into perfectly pink tiles in understated Yuma. Within our 64 shades of matte cement, we frequently return to Jaipur Pink in solids or patterns for the dusty neutral side of the shade that feels especially universal.

Purple zellige tile mosaic ideas

Violet and purple tile ideas

Turning Violet

Ever since we launched Radian Inline zellige mosaics, we’ve been seeking spaces for our captivating Radian Inline 3 tiles in Plum, Purple Iris, and Portuguese Blue. Regal purples evoke feelings of calm, introspection, and spirituality, perfect sentiments for our spectrum of shades. If matte is more your thing, purple Montana cement tile is bold and slightly warm, a strong yet sophisticated statement. While purple can feel like a daunting design undertaking, consider a contained space to play with the power of the color family.

Curate Your Own Color Palette

Explore our extensive tile color range

Selecting the right colors is an essential step in crafting the desired mood within a living space. Whether you aim for high energy or pure serenity, the color palette of your tiles can have a meaningful impact. Each hue possesses its own unique ability to influence its setting and those who visit. Design a personalized environment that resonates with comfort, style, and your personality. Shop our entire colorful range of tiles at

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