Zellige Mosaics: A Twist on Tradition

Zellige served as our first foray into the Moroccan tradition of tessellated tile. These artisan-crafted clay beauties have been used to create decorative mosaics for centuries. Honoring the rich history of zellige, we’re thrilled to announce our newest collection of smaller format tiles. Our new mosaics collection includes over fifty offerings designed by our in-house team and handcrafted in Morocco. These modern interpretations are the perfect blend of trendy and timeless.

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03 / 19 / 2024

zellige mosaic collection
Get to know our dynamic new collection.

What Are Zellige Mosaic Tiles?

Zellige tile's original form is the mosaic. Although larger 4x4-inch and 2x6-inch formats currently dominate the American zellige scene, this art form originated a millennium ago with smaller, hand-chiseled designs that are still prominent throughout Morocco today.

We’re paying tribute to the origins of Moroccan zellige with this vibrant selection of carefully curated mosaic designs, with each individual piece set in place with a wire mesh to form a larger pattern. Each smaller tile has been individually chiseled to shape, resulting in a surface that transcends the mere sum of its components.

An Exemplification of Craftsmanship

Starting from raw clay, Moroccan artisans hand-mold and sun-dry larger format pieces from which our hand chiseled mosaics are derived. They’re then glazed, fired in earthen kilns, and chiseled to shape, resulting in the distinctive variation that defines zellige.

From the initial clay molding to the final chiseling, the careful craftsmanship ensures that each tile possesses a unique color tone and texture, a reflection of the traditional artistry that has been passed down through generations. Our hand-chiseled mosaics are the result of these ancient techniques, celebrating the craft and care behind each design.

zellige perpetual mosaic
Zellige Perpetual Check Mosaic
zellige warm mosaics
Our mosaic collection was made for you.

Explore Endless Versatility

Zia exemplifies the versatility of mosaic zellige tiles by taking a future-focused approach, seamlessly merging classic geometric patterns with an array of vibrant and earthy colorways. Our mosaics line offers a diverse range of hues from rich, saturated jewel tones to elegantly understated neutrals – and even our Unglazed Natural colorway.

This expansive selection ensures that Zia's mosaic tiles cater to diverse tastes and preferences, providing a fresh and modern interpretation of this traditional art form. Whether you’re seeking a bold and dynamic look or a more subdued and classic feel, our mosaic zellige tiles present a myriad of possibilities. This collection allows clients to personalize their spaces with enduring elegance and timeless charm.

Modern Mosaic Design ideas

Zellige tiles are suitable for a wide range of installations, and our mosaics are no exception. Consider covering an entire floor in a vivid pattern or creating an accent wall that ties together your current color scheme.

From monochromatic palettes to complementary colorways, you can create a dynamic mosaic almost anywhere. Ideal for your kitchen backsplash or shower wall, zellige mosaics will undoubtedly give your interior a one-of-a-kind touch.

zellige rubric 5 mosaic tiles
Zellige Rubric 5 Mosaics

"Our new line of zellige mosaic tiles combines classical geometric forms with Zia’s bold take on color. While zellige is an 800-year-old tradition, it is an ever-evolving art form. We’ve referenced history in these shapes while selecting unique combinations of reds, pinks, purples, greens, and a host of neutrals to write the next chapter in zellige tile.” -Cofounders Danny Mitchell and Mike Leflore

Find your perfect zellige mosaic.

A Cumulation of Our Creative Passion

At Zia Tile, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand our offerings and bring the magic of Moroccan tile to contemporary homes. Browse our new catalog and explore the endless possibilities.

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