Cotto Three Ways: Zia’s Take on Terra Cotta

Straight from the earth to your home, our Cotto tiles are a timeless take on warm, rustic terra cotta. From Egyptian water jugs to Chinese roofs, these clay-based tiles boast an impressive past. Our collections are handcrafted by skilled artisans in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Cotto’s natural history is visible in every piece, as locally-sourced, organic clays offer rich hues and organic texture.

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04 / 22 / 2023

Our high-fired version of terra cotta puts a modern twist on tradition, as we introduce various tones, shapes, and sizes. No matter your style, our three distinct colorways each provide a perfect array of tonal variation.

Red Clay

Our deepest-hued variety, the Red Clay colorway is rich and fiery. The reddish hue is ideal for making a bold visual statement. If you want to create a truly timeless feel in your home, this is the closest color to traditional terra cotta tile. Although it is undeniably warm, the red finish can also blend with cool tones in your space. Versatile and eye-catching, our Red Clay Cotta tiles give the appearance of an oxidized finish, with the coppery hue creating a warm and inviting space.

Red Clay Cotto Tile

Fired Earth

With terrain in its name, our Fired Earth tiles were inspired by golden soil. Slightly less saturated than our Red Clay color, this variation still makes an impression. If you’re searching for the perfect balance between bold and blendable, Fired Earth is an ideal solution. Create a space that combines texture with terra firma. 

Fired Earth Cotto Tile


Our lightest Cotto color, the Adobe shade is suitable for both modern and traditional homes. The sandy-toned finish reflects natural light in your space with its bright, sunny hue. If you want to showcase the handcrafted quality of our Cotto tiles, the Adobe colorway is an excellent option with visible nuances in texture due to the paler color. 

Adobe Cotto Tile

Cotto Tile for Your Home

In addition to the three distinct colorways, consider Zia’s unique range of shapes. Our layouts include square, rectangle, Zocalo, Toltec, Alcazar, and our stars & cross design. You can also combine different Cotto colors for a unique display of tones and textures – rustic checkerboards or stripes. The beauty of Cotto is that it will elevate, rather than overwhelm, your space. For more information about our Cotto collection, reach out to our team with any questions. 

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