Decor with a Story: The Priceless Patina of Cement Tile

03 / 16 / 2023

Cement tile bathroom wall Delta Hyannis Cement Tile

What do leather, hardwood, and cement tile have in common? These luxe natural materials all improve with time. If you love organic materials and textiles that show wear and tear, check out our cement tile. There’s something inherently charming about a vintage interior and that’s due to character, as high-end décor and finishes often show their age. Expect a stunning display of faded, worn details on the surface of your tiles. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder and antique lovers will be captivated by the gentle progression of cement tile.


Great Expectations

Prepare yourself for the future when considering cement tile. It’s crucial to know what to expect prior to embarking on your cement tile journey. While the initial vibrant appearance of your tiles is beautiful in its own right, the best is yet to come! Cement tile will give way to a more weathered look, full of perfect imperfections.


Encaustic cement tile



You Can’t Beat Handcrafted Cement Tile!

Handmade tiles allow us to celebrate a one-of-a-kind appearance. If you’re looking to add a chic, antique touch to your interior, cement tile will achieve the look you’re after. If you embrace a level of discoloration and surface wear, you’ll love the totally unique look.


Embrace the Aging Process

We refer to our cement tiles as a living surface. Rather than expecting your cement to maintain its installation day immaculateness, embrace the natural aging process. There’s a level of respect and wisdom that comes with age, and the same goes for weathered tiles. Cement tiles that have been in place for several years possess a new kind of beauty. While they used to be bright and untouched, older tiles tell a story. Plus, you don’t want your home to look flat and uninspiring. Showcase the colorful, textured narrative of your life through cement tile.


100-Year-Old Cement Tile

Marvelous Maintenance

While cement tiles are pretty low-maintenance, there are a couple simple steps you can take to increase their longevity. The colors and patterns may evolve with time, but it’s easy to maintain the structural integrity. Periodically reseal your tiled surface every 2-3 years, depending on traffic and wear. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your sealant. Think of it as a similar process to maintaining a hardwood floor. If you want to refresh the color of your tiles, you can polish off the top layer to reveal a more vivid layer underneath. The designs are pressed all the way through the cement tiles, meaning they’re not simply painted on the surface. This technique is ideal for homeowners looking for a slightly less worn effect.

Trendy meets Timeless

Interior design is a careful balance between trendy and timeless. Encaustic cement tiles are the perfect marriage of the two. When you first install your tiles, they will look modern and contemporary. Later on, they will develop an appearance that is traditional and timeless. While some pigments will look more muted, others will appear more vibrant. Not being able to predict the journey of your cement tiles is part of the charm. Blend the past and the present with a classic material like cement.

 Zia tile installation Echo cement tile

Your Encaustic Cement Tile Project

If the natural progression and patina of encaustic cement intrigues you, start browsing our handmade collection. From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom walls, give your home a magical matte touch. Choose from hundreds of eye-catching shapes and sizes, patterns, plus striking colorways. No matter your aesthetic, there’s a cement tile to fit your style. We ship worldwide and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about this collection. Contact us at to learn more or place an order.