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Righton 8×9 inch patterned hexagon cement tiles from Zia Tile in Los Angeles

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12 / 16 / 2022

If you’re looking to complete a renovation project ASAP, we’ve got your back. Our selection of in-stock tile can be ready-to-ship in just a couple days. With a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and designs to choose from, you can get an install started without sacrificing style. We’ve put together a collection of tiles that are waiting for you in our warehouse (or currently in transit to be replenished). From classic to contemporary, explore our speediest selections.


Handmade Moroccan Zellige

 If an exotic, handcrafted statement is what you’re going for, zellige is right up your alley. These one-of-a-kind tiles have visible texture and vibrant pigments. Available in both warm and cool tones, our in-stock zellige tiles come in every color of the rainbow. These glossy pieces of history reflect the longstanding tradition of earthenware. Wow your guests with a gorgeous display of classic clay fragments.

4×4 Desert Bloom glazed terracotta Moroccan zellij tile from Zia Tile

Terra-Cotta “Cotto” Tiles

 If earthy tones in unique shapes are what you’re after, our Cotto tiles come in a wide range of unexpected cuts. Lovers of down-to-earth decor will fall head-over-heels for our versatile Cotto range, as these warm-toned tiles are ideal for grounding your space. Create a dynamic look in your interior with muted orange and brown hues, and check out our Toltec and Zocalo cuts for an extra-original look.

Toltec | Cotto tiles in Fired Earth. Handmade and high-fired Cotto tiles from Zia Tile Los Angeles

High-Impact Cement Tiles

 Our cement tiles come in the widest range of prints and designs. While we also offer solid-color cement tile options, our playful designers love the eye-catching patterned pieces. Not only is cement unparalleled in its range, but it’s a super-sturdy material, suitable for a wide array of installations. We hand press all of our cement tiles for an eco-friendly approach. Simultaneously save the planet and elevate your interior with delicate patterns and unexpected shapes.

Delta Hyannis Cement Tile

Modern Thin-Glazed Brick

 For our most contemporary option, thin-glazed brick will give your home an industrial touch. This iconic material has been reimagined with a low-maintenance finish. If you want a stunning subway tile look, this is the tile for you. We offer ten intentionally crafted colorways to choose from. The super-thin clay body is low-profile, and the glazed surface has a subtle shine. With visible texture and subtle, elegant variation, you can’t go wrong with thin-glazed brick.

Primrose Hill HERRINGBONE- Thin Glazed Brick

Timeless Limestone Tiles

 Our newest addition to the Zia Tile family, these natural pieces of hammered limestone hail from Morocco. Quarried and cut outside the city of Fez, we offer three stone varieties and two distinct finishes. These neutral-toned tiles have a slightly edgy look due to their perfectly imperfect surface. Available in an array of sizes, our versatile limestone tiles will stand the test of time. If natural longevity is what you’re looking for, limestone is the way to go.

Monument 4×12 Stone | Medium Grey Honed Limestone Tiles.

Carefully Curated in Los Angeles

 No matter which in-stock tile you choose, your project will benefit from the speedy, stylish delivery! Get excited to transform your space with our original selection of tile, ready to ship worldwide. If you’re overwhelmed with the array of options, we’re here to help. Contact our team for a personalized design consultation. We’ll let you know which in-stock tiles are best suited for your unique install.

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