Moroccan Zellige Tiles 

12 / 16 / 2022

4x4 'Prairie Green' glazed terra-cotta zellige, 3/8 inch thick, 10.76 square feet per box (100 tiles)  Moroccan tiles are exploding in popularity, and with all of their colorful patterns and gorgeous colorations, it’s not difficult to understand. When looking to make a statement about your style and taste, this is one of the most time-tested and trusted methods available.  The only true challenge is trying to decide what designs and hues will match your desires. To help you with this part of the process, it’s a good idea to consider the features of Moroccan tile and options for using it.    

The Long Tradition of Moroccan Zellige Tiles

  When trying to pinpoint a style that encapsulates Moroccan style, you may find that it’s impossible. There are centuries of mesmerizing patterns and designs that are still in use today throughout the world. This particular tile has almost no boundaries for application and has adorned many fountains, kitchens, and outdoor areas for nearly a thousand years. One of the most prized characteristics of this versatile tiling is the hand craftsmanship behind it. Traditionally, local artisans in Morocco make Zellige using ancient methods that continue from generation to generation. This arduous process demands a skilled eye and steady hand to create these masterpieces of art, as well as the finest quality materials.  Zia Tile offers a wide variety of Moroccan Zellige that is handmade in Morocco. All of these artisans have years of experience coupled with a knowledge of geometric precision to make the final resulting patterns and colors worth the labor.    

Inspiring Applications of Moroccan Zellige Tile in Your Home

     At Zia Tile, we encourage you to begin your project with a focus on the aesthetic you want our Zellige to accomplish. 


Timeless Moroccan Zellige Geometric Patterns

  Jade zellige   If you travel to Morocco, the bright geometric patterns are everywhere you go. From private residences to outdoor patios, these mesmerizing designs have often lasted centuries. Popular shapes used to form these breathtaking pieces include stars, cubes, diamonds, squares, triangles, and more.    

Patch Together Multiple Moroccan Zellige Designs

 Make your room vibrant and alive by patchworking together multiple design styles to expand your enjoyment of this traditional craft. Contrasting colors and isolated patterns will keep your guests busy trying to see every detail of such an engaging visual statement. 


Keep Traditional Zellige Characteristics in a More Modern Look

  Zellige tile has maintained its popularity over the centuries for more than its traditional style. It’s simple complexity, and natural imperfections make it ideal for blending with the more contemporary designs of today. Whether you prefer minimalist environs or want to help your new lighting appear chicer, this tile will help you create a perfect marriage of old and new. 


Inspired Vintage Moroccan Zellige Style

 Homeowners who want to bring traditional style and simplicity to their homes will love going with a vintage look comprised of early Zellige shapes and colors from centuries ago. Many ancient designs are still prevalent in homes today and are always available to bring out that old-world feel you are looking for.     

Zia Tile is Your Source for Moroccan Zellige Tile

 If you are currently trying to source these magnificent tile options, it may seem impossible to find genuine handcrafted Moroccan Zellige. At Zia Tile, we not only offer a wide range to choose from, but our tile is handmade in Morocco by skilled artisans.  Our team can help you find the style you are looking for to cover your outdoor fountain, bathroom, walls, or just about anywhere you can imagine. We assist you in creating a design that is ideal for the space you are using this tile so that you achieve the environment changing effect you are after.  We are here to help guide you as needed through your Moroccan Zellige tile project today! Zia Tile has some of the best designs and color patterns in the country to match your ideas. We love helping our customers transform their spaces. To learn more about all of the eye-catching colors and patterns available in our line of Moroccan Zellige, contact us today.