Revamp Your Commercial Space With Cement Tile

12 / 16 / 2022

  Business doesn’t have to mean boring. In this day and age, we spend just as much time at work as we do our own home (and sometimes even more.) Commercial spaces can have character too. Why should household interiors get all the love? It might seem like an impossible task to find durable materials that are also exciting to look at, but that’s where cement tiles come in! They’re insanely strong and suited for interior or exterior installments. The best part about installing cement tile in a commercial space? You have a crazy wide range of vibrant patterns and colors to choose from.   

Safety First

  Commercial spaces are the definition of highly trafficked areas. With employees and customers running around all day, the surface of the floor has to hold up through extensive wear and tear. Cement tiles aren’t just tough, they also have a naturally matte surface. This is especially important for safety reasons if staff and clients are constantly walking back and forth. A glossy floor is an accident waiting to happen. Not only do you get a beautiful interior when installing cement tiles, but you also get peace of mind!   

Business Savvy

  Who doesn’t want an easy way to draw in more customers? A clever way to get more foot traffic is to make your interior look super inviting. Creating a striking floor or a stunning accent wall is the perfect way to drive patrons inside. Dynamic tile floors are a great attention grabber. They’re basically a permanent advertisement, and they’re definitely memorable.    

Set the Mood

  You want your business to reflect the personality of your company, which is why handmade encaustic cement tiles are an ideal way to showcase your mission. If your goal is to appeal to the modern millennial, consider installing the trendy blush pink, striped “Echo” tile. If you’re a luxury business trying to garner attention from high-end clients, our grey and white ornate “Manchester” tile will do the trick.   

Indoor/Outdoor Business

  The best part about encaustic cement tiles is that they can be installed practically anywhere! Not only can you cover the floor inside your business, but they also make great patios and outdoor dining areas. They’re super easy to clean and they can withstand lots of different weather conditions. Decorative tiles are frequently used in the Mediterranean to bring color to courtyards and embellishment to fountains.   

“Cementing” Your Ideas

  Sometimes you know what you want, you just don’t know where you want it. Here are some installation ideas to inspire your project using cement tile in a commercial space:Add cement tiles to your…-Café counter-Office floor-Dining patio-Company lobby-Staircase risers-Bar surfaces-Terrace adornment-Building façade…and so much more!   

Limitless Opportunities

  At Zia Tile, our encaustic cement tiles are handmade by skilled artisans. Each tile is one-of-a-kind and no two tiles are exactly alike. This gives them incomparable character and distinct originality. We have over 100 patterns and designs to choose from. Our sizes include 4”x4” squares, 2”x8” subway, diamonds, and hexagons. If you’ve scrolled through our collection and you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t close your tab just yet! If you contact us, you can chat with our team about creating a custom design specifically suited for your business. Have a question? We promise we don’t bite. Give us a call at 310-730-0600 or shoot us an email at