The Six Colors of Cotto

cotto terra cotta tiles

For those who want a truly authentic appearance, Cotto is textured, rustic, and raw. Opt for an organic approach to design when you choose to incorporate clay-based Cotto. Now available in six earthy colorways, these terra cotta tiles offer wonderfully warm, natural tones.

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03 / 28 / 2024

Discover our complete selection of shades:

cotto red clay floor tiles

Red Clay

Our Red Clay tile color is a captivating representation of warm, spiced hues. With its brick-toned appearance, this variation stands out as the classic of the Cotto collection. Red Clay has a vibrant yet earthy allure, perfect for those who adore classic terra cotta tones. This tile makes a bold statement while maintaining a sense of depth and natural beauty.

cotto fired earth shower tiles

Fired Earth

Fired Earth is a slightly softer presentation of natural red clay, with the natural color and variation differentiating each handmade tile. This tone is effortlessly earthy, radiating a subtle orange glow. It  seamlessly blends with existing decor while giving your interior a natural feel. Taking after its namesake, Fired Earth evokes the image of golden earth heated by the sun, instantly adding warmth to any space.

cotto adobe bathroom tiles


Adobe is the lightest of the core colors, with a nod to soft sand tones. This sunny hue gently envelops any indoor or outdoor space. Inspired by clay pottery weathered and faded by the blazing sun, it carries a natural radiance. Almost tan in appearance, it incorporates yellow undertones which add a touch of vibrancy to the delicate hue.

cotto blanco subway tiles


Blanco, the lightest in our Cotto collection, is a uniquely whitewashed terra cotta. This soft sweep of color creates a delicate aura, reminiscent of the sun casting its rays upon powdery clay earth as the warm clay peeks through. Modern and refined, this is a one-of-a-kind tile that quietly stuns in any space.

cotto madera stars and cross tiles


Embrace your dark side with dark brown Madera Cotto. Like burnt brown sugar, the Cotto’s surface appears almost scorched. Look for notes of sienna, chocolate, and charcoal for a multi-dimensional appearance. The color wash is highly visible, offering a dynamic finish with heavy visual weight.

cotto oscura square tiles


Oscura is our matte black take on Cotto. Its muted, almost-black wash resembles a soft shadow. With a predominantly cool-toned surface, it harbors a very faint warmth from the natural clay that peeks through, adding visual complexity in each handmade piece, contributing to its organic and nuanced aesthetic.

Handcrafted Terra Cotta Tiles

Our handcrafted Cotto tiles offer a timeless appeal that celebrates the natural beauty of clay. With textures and tones indicative of their Mexican roots, Cotto tiles add an earthy, organic touch to any space. Each distinct colorway offers a unique expression of terra cotta tones. Explore the complete selection of tiles and discover the transformative power of Cotto from Zia Tile.

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