Tiles that Make a Splash

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to prep your pool. From an interior waterline to a stunning surround, there are endless ways to level up your pool. Handcrafted tiles are a great way to make your outdoor space pop, and no matter the aesthetic of your exterior, you can easily find a tile that suits your style. We’ve rounded up our favorite pool tile installs so you can find inspiration in the most creative curations.

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06 / 05 / 2024

The Best Tile Types for Pools

Our clients are often pleasantly surprised to discover how many tile types are suitable for pool surrounds. Whether the desired outcome is a crisp contrast or aqua blue, find many options within Zia’s curated collection. Zellige may be an obvious choice, as we’ve coveted Moroccan-inspired mosaic pools and fountains since the early days of Zia. And like this more recognizable glazed category, Cotto Allende is quickly becoming an outdoor favorite. With a base in Mexican-made terra cotta, the line’s unique glazed finishes are ideal for wet spaces. Ceramics are another solid option, now available in smaller sizes for endless design possibilities in mixing and matching sizes and colors. Lastly, Thin Glazed Brick is a great choice for interior waterlines, but should not be used as flooring.

cotto allende clay tiles in light blue

Pool-friendly pedregal cotto allende tiles

Chic Cotto Allende Tiles

The Cotto Allende line is one of the newest additions to our catalog of handmade tile. The artisanal quality of these hand-glazed Cotto tiles will give your pool or patio space visible character. In this gorgeous install, the designer chose to create a border with our captivating Pedregal shade. The cool pop of aqua reflects the depth of the water tones. 

Patterned cement tiles next to swimming pool

Enhance your pool with patterned cement

Bold Patterns

Handmade tile is an excellent alternative to the expected “pool coping.” This refers to the material that surrounds the edge of the pool to provide visual separation from the rest of your patio space. For a strong design statement, you can’t beat patterned cement. One of our favorite installs features multicolored Tangier cement tiles. This vivid pattern, inspired by the vibrant city in Morocco, is a great way to create a fun and timeless design.  

Pure white 2x2 zellige tiles around pool

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Clean and Classic Pure White Zellige

Decorate your pool space with clean, crisp tones like white and ivory. If you’re after a minimalist vibe that still looks dynamic, our Pure White zellige tiles strike the perfect balance. The visible texture and glossy surface create a bright, elevated look. The 2x2 format is ideal for a pool waterline because of its compact size and mosaic appearance. Use beige and cream furniture with rattan and wood accents to complement the white zellige tiles.

Jade zellige tile swimming pool design

Jade zellige swimming pool tiles

Jewel-Toned Tiles

There is something beguiling about a rich shade of deep green. This versatile hue has the ability to look organic or opulent, depending on the surrounding decor. Our 4x4 zellige tiles in Jade are the perfect backdrop for an elegant tropical oasis. If you’re searching for a sophisticated, unique design, Jade zellige tiles are a bold and beautiful option. Enhance your pool space with our 4x4 variation to mimic this install by Haus of Meeshie and Studio John Sharp.

Slate grey zellige tiles around pool

Slate Grey zellige tiles

Sleek and Modern Slate Grey

Give grey a lively upgrade with our multi-faceted Slate Grey zellige. Grey tiles can be trendy, but when approached with a designer touch, there’s a timelessness to this cool neutral. Experts are favoring darker tones with reflective or textured surfaces, as opposed to the lighter looks of recent trends. If you want to add a touch of grey to your pool space that won’t look dated, go for shimmery Slate Grey zellige tiles.

Tidepool zellige tiles in swimming pool

Bright blue-green pool tiles

Turquoise Zellige Tiles

Nothing says “swimming pool” quite like our teal-tinted, Tidepool zellige tiles. This blue-green shade reflects the endless hues of perfectly crisp pool water. Lean into the aquatic amazingness and showcase the glistening glaze of handmade Moroccan zellige tiles.

Find Your Perfect Pool Tiles

Handcrafted, high-quality tiles by Zia Tiles

The days are numbered to elevate your exterior ahead of peak pool season. The design of your pool space is can easily influence your backyard vibes, reflecting the desired relaxation and rejuvenation of your outdoor haven. Choose tiles that bring you joy and complement the architectural theme of your space. Reach out if we can help you find the best options from our curated collection.

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