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Cement Tile

11 / 20 / 2018

8x8 square 'cordoba' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)





Since the late 1800s, cement tiles have been a popular home decor and flooring option around the world for their durability and versatility in style and beauty. The extensive range of their use has proven invaluable when trying to create the perfect atmosphere for the home or office.  Cement tiles have been popular since the 1860s, and this is for good reason—they are one of the most practical and beautiful types of tiles available.


For those considering cement tiles to accent a floor or wall, read more about some of the benefits for choosing this trusted and true product for your space.





One of the first cement tie factories, outside of Barcelona in Catalonia



Every Room is a Candidate for Cement Tile


As mentioned earlier, cement tiling is a practical option no matter what room you choose. Their matte non-slip features will create a long-lasting surface that will bring enjoyment for a lifetime. From the bathroom to your outdoor patio, this type of tile is an excellent choice.


Cement Tile is Multi-Purpose


Many times, we hear the words cement and tile and only imagine flooring, but this is a limited view of such a versatile product. Whether you have floor to cover or a kitchen sink backsplash to create, cement tile will do the job perfectly! Shape, size, and color has no limit for any project you can think of that need some tiling.



Easy Upkeep Makes Cement Tile Ideal


Compared to wood or stone, cement tiles are easy to maintain once sealed in place. Say goodbye to splinters, unsightly cracks, and costly refinishing. General upkeep only requires mopping and infrequent resealing of spots that might show wear.



Cement Tiles are Extremely Durable


8x9 'Umbra' hexagonal encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 4.4 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Umbra 8×9 hexagonal cement tile from Zia Tile


One key benefit of cement-based options compared to other types like encaustic tile, is that it holds up to high traffic exposure. Durability is a key feature if installed and maintained correctly as cement tiles are highly durable in nature. Ceramic doesn’t compare, and you will enjoy how good looking the patterns and colors remain over time with minimal care.



Cement Tile Patterns and Styles are Endless


Another key benefit of choosing cement options over other tile options is the ridiculous amount of patterns and styles you can find available. Whether you prefer a more contemporary style or want intricate designs to catch the eye and keep guests talking, you will find everything you can imagine and in-between.




Cement-Based Tiles Do Insulate


You might worry that a cement tile floor will leave your feet freezing in the winter season, but this is the furthest from the truth. Due to their ability to absorb varying temperatures, you can have a cool floor in the summer and a warmer experience in the winter.



It Doesn’t Take Long To Install a Cement Tile Floor


While there are several steps to installing a cement tile floor, it doesn’t take as long as one might assume if using an experienced installer. Depending on the complication of your pattern and humidity, you could have your new tiling work completed in a few days.



Create Your Own Cement Tile Design


If you somehow cannot find the pattern or color scheme you are looking for in the myriad of cement tile designs already available, our factories can make a small minimum size batch for your needs. Even if there is a color you can’t find, we offer color matching services to create your perfect new tile option.




Cement Tile is Environmentally Friendly

4x4 square 'Bishop' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (48 tiles in each box)

Another standout feature that many love about cement tile is its environmentally friendly materials in both color and base. Since production has a minimal environmental impact, it is truly the best tile choice on the market today. By using pressure instead of fireto harden the tiles, no fumes or burning of fuels are ever needed to produce this type of tile.



Learn More About Cement Tile


Cement tile is truly one of the most flexible and durable options for home and business owners for the past 150 years. If you need a tile range that inspires, no other type compares to that of cement. At Zia Tile, we have brought unique tile schemes and patterns to customers from around the world. Those in the market for new flooring or are starting a renovation project should consider using a cement-based option for their needs.


Our handcrafted cement tiles consist of the finest materials and craftsmanship that money can buy. Our technique for creating these durable and engaging products utilize a method created by 1850’s era French and Catalan craftsman. You will see the undeniable quality of our hand-poured pieces and gorgeous mineral pigments. We hope you enjoy and receive inspiration from our over 100+ colors and patterns. If any questions,  contact us to learn more about how to develop your own personalized design for your space.

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