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Cement Tile Patterns

03 / 27 / 2020

8x8 square 'Volta' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)



With 100+ colors and patterns to choose from, we believe there is a cement tile for every interior. Whether you have a pattern in mind or you’re seeking inspiration, cement tiles range from ultra modern to perfectly traditional. Without a doubt, handmade encaustic tiles will provide a standout base for your project. Selecting the ideal Cement Tile Patterns to compliment your vision should be a fun and exciting process, and we love helping customers along their design journey.




Color Choices



Monochromatic Color Schemes


We’re all about putting your own twist on trends. Monochromatic color schemes are always in style, and we have a multitude of styles and patterns that make the most out of black & white (and every tone in between). Try picking multiple cement tiles in the same color family. Mix and match tiles of the same hue in both light and dark shades. You can pick playful colors like sage and mint, or opt for a subtler combination of jaipur pink and quartz.


8x8 square 'Ziggurat' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Ziggurat Sage and Mint green Cement Tile from Zia Tile – Los Angeles





Decorating with Complementary Colors


On the opposite side of the spectrum (literally), we love customers that are bold enough to decorate with complementary colors. Complementary colors are shades across from each other on the color wheel. Get creative with tonal variations of Coral red and Sage green, Carolina Blue and Ginger, or Cadmium yellow and Aubergine purple. Our encaustic cement tiles are one-of-a-kind, so your interior should be too!




Embracing Analogous Colors


If you prefer a little more cohesion, analogous colors are made to blend with each other. But that doesn’t mean decorating with analogous colors is playing it safe. Whether you choose a warm or cool color scheme, we always support thinking outside the box when it comes to the variety of hues.  Consider combining Midnight with Denim, or Desert Grey with Zinc.




8x8 square 'Cairo' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Cairo denim, midnight blue and white Cement Tile from Zia Tile






Laying the Tiles

Square Tile Patterns



  • Diagonal 


We’re a big fan of laying square tiles diagonally. Using a traditional tile shape, this unique technique can instantly refresh your space. An easy way to change up the flow, diagonal tiles like our Diagon pattern can actually make your room appear larger.



8x8 square 'Diagon' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Diagon white & black handmade cement tile from Zia Tile





Rectangular Tile Patterns


  • Herringbone / Chevrons


We’ve definitely noticed that rectangular tiles have taken the center stage in modern interior design. Their surge in popularity is no surprise when you consider their versatility. And our favorite layout? Herringbone.

This zig-zag pattern doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun without being too loud, and there are several ways to execute it beautifully. You can use all one color or create a multi-colored design. The shorter ends of the tiles line up to make a 45-degree angle; what you end up with are repeated layers of chevron patterns which are really compelling. Encaustic concrete tiles like our matte finish 2×8’s are perfect for achieving this layout, as they can be easily cut to make this pattern seamless.



Delta Moon 2×8 cement tile in a herringbone layout



Even if you haven’t decided yet on the size of your tile, herringbone is a technique that works with tiles large and small. This effect is formed by laying “V” shaped rows. Set two rectangular tiles perpendicular to the other one, then turn them on their side and repeat the process. One of our favorite ways to install the herringbone pattern is as a kitchen backsplash, but the options are truly limitless.



Staggered Layout


Another name for this type of tile pattern is the “running bond.” To make this pattern, lay the tiles horizontally and shift the rows so the lines are unmatched. There are a few variations of the staggered pattern. A 50/50 offset has a traditional look, while a 40/60 ratio is a bit softer. For longer tiles, a 70/30 offset is recommended. If you’re really feeling daring, we recommend laying the tiles vertically to create a stunning waterfall effect.



Stacked Pattern


Simple doesn’t mean boring, and that’s evident with interiors that display a stacked tile pattern. Tiles are placed directly on top of each other, making the tiles themselves the focal point of the room. That’s why we especially adore this layout for intricately patterned tiles. You can also arrange your tiles vertically to emphasize the length of a space, and who doesn’t want higher ceilings?



Our marvelously matte Salvia 2×8 cement tiles in a stacked bond




Hexagonal Tile Patterns


We have a soft spot for whimsical, hexagon-shaped tiles. To emphasize this fun honeycomb pattern, we suggest using contrasting grout. This look is for designers wanting to echo classic mosaic patterns with a trendy twist. And speaking of echo, check out our fantastic new Echo hexagon design with four in stock color-ways……. echo…..echo…..echo…….echo.



8x9 'Echo' hexagonal encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 4.4 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Echo hexagon cement tile in charcoal and white from Zia Tile in Los Angeles




Zia Tile


For more ideas and inspiration for your Cement Tile patterns, contact us today! Our team is always eager to help you create a customized space.





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