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Cement Tile for Seattle Designers

06 / 08 / 2019


Inhale the smell of evergreens and coffee beans, because we’re bringing encaustic cement tile to the Emerald City. Seattle, Washington is an iconic northwest city with character to match. Full of young artists who embrace the famously overcast skies, this city is unlike any other. How do you design an interior in such a unique city, you may ask? That’s easy! You choose materials that are one-of-a-kind. This earthy metropolis demands design that is handmade. Our encaustic cement tiles are made one by one by skilled artisans, and no two tiles are exactly the same. There’s nothing Seattleites appreciate more than craft and culture.




Mean, Green, Decorating Machine



Being a tree-hugger is basically a requirement for Seattle residents. Eco-friendly isn’t just a fad, it’s essential to the lifestyle of the PNW. You’ll get fined for not recycling and the city-wide noise curfew is specifically for the benefit of the native owl population. When designing a space in one of the greenest cities in the US, you have to be conscious of your carbon footprint. Lucky for you, cement tiles are much better for the environment than other comparable décor options. They don’t require firing in a kiln at all, and they are created using a simple hydraulic press. Why not renovate and save the planet at the same time?




Cafés for Days



Coffee shop culture is the heart of the city. Not only is Seattle known for being the birthplace of Starbucks, but it also hosts an independent café on every corner. Seattleites love their coffee almost as much as they love the outdoors. (Maybe even a little more.) If you’re a coffee shop owner, or you just want to capture the vibe of the cozy café lifestyle, cement tiles can be installed in a variety of interiors and exteriors. They’re totally suitable for high-trafficked, commercial spaces, and their funky patterns and colors are sure to attract attention. Whether you’re trying to impress customers or house guests, these eye-catching tiles are just as pretty as they are practical.




Rain, Rain, (Won’t) Go Away



What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Seattle? That’s right, rain. It’s no secret that this city gets its fair share of showers. Weather is a huge consideration when you’re decorating a space in Seattle, especially if it’s outside. Not only are cement tiles suitable for indoor or outdoor installations, but they’re also water resistant. If you’re thinking about re-doing your entryway, but you want to choose a floor that’s impervious to damp shoes coming and going, cement tiles are an excellent choice. The same goes for if you’re designing an inviting patio space. As long as you seal the tiles correctly, they’ll stay stunning for a long time.




Creativity at its Finest



Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or renovating a kitchen, we know that every Seattle-based designer has a unique creative vision. That’s why we offer a tile for every style. Our brand-new Bauhaus tile is made for the artsy Pacific North-Westerner, and Brixton tile is a minimalist’s dream. If you want something with a little more edge, our hex-shaped cement tiles offer the perfect solution. The solid colors are practically limitless, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our appropriately-named Emerald green tile. On the other hand, if you’re on the hunt for something to brighten up your cloudy city, our Cadmium yellow is sure to do the trick.




From Zia to You



Zia Tile is based in Los Angeles, but we ship all over the world! Choose this West Coast tile company if you’re looking for something handcrafted by creatives, for creatives. We love working with Seattle homeowners and designers and helping them create their ideal space. At Zia Tile, we know that Seattleites are looking for something with a little extra flare. That’s why we take care in making sure our encaustic cement tiles are made by artists who are passionate about their work. If you have a specific vision, or you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, our customer service team is here to help! Give us a call at 310-844-1170 or shoot us an email and we’ll guide you in choosing the perfect tile for your specific project.

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