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Cement Tiles: Dynamic Patterns & Designs

03 / 03 / 2020

Cement Tile Patterns and Designs Range


We love encaustic cement tiles for so many reasons, but it all comes down to their dynamic patterns and distinctly matte finish. On top of the eclectic range of color choices, the versatility of cement tiles makes it super easy to add dimension to your interior. We firmly believe that decorators of all styles can find the perfect cement tiles for their project.


Traditional patterns include Spanish, Moorish (like our Andarax pattern), and North African prints. Modern and post-modern styles embrace geometric lines, art deco curves, chevrons (like our Volta pattern), and multi-hued solid colors. These aren’t mass-produced, cookie cutter materials. Because they are made by hand, each cement tile has subtle color variation. This gives encaustic cement tiles the vitality and variance we instantly fell in love with.



Classic Simplicity



If you prefer the simplicity of a bold, straightforward look, your go-to-option may be a classic, solid-colored Cement Tile. If you’re a neutral enthusiast, there are plenty of tiles for you to choose from. Cool-toned neutrals include black, pewter grey, and white, while warmer neutrals include canvas, mojave, and clay. If you’re looking for a hint of color, our earthy tones are anything but bland in hailstone blue, jaipur pink, and leaf green. But you don’t have to stick to muted tones to be classy. We love using cement tiles as a statement piece. Chimayo red and cadmium yellow are super fun AND eye-catching.

2x8 subway 'Jaipur Pink' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (48 tiles in each box)
Jaipur Pink 2×8 subway encaustic cement tile from Zia Tile




Mixing and Matching


If you really want to make your tiles the focus of the room, consider mixing and matching contrasting patterns and colors. We get super excited when a homeowner decides to go big and choose an assortment of tiles in different patterns. We want to help you with your creative vision, which is why Zia Tile offers patterned cement tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes.




Edgy Shapes and Cuts


Speaking of unique shapes, hexagonal cement tiles are a fresh option for interior décor. If you’re bored of traditional squares and trendy subway tiles, this sharp, six-sided cut is significantly less common.


If hexagons aren’t your cup of tea, check out our deco-inspired diamond-shaped tiles (these 4×8 inch diamonds are kind of our favorite tile right now).




4x8 diamond 'Empire Three' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 2.58 square feet per box (24 tiles in each box)
Empire Diamond cement tile in emerald green, black and white from Zia Tile





Our Collection of Patterns and Designs


Curating a design pallet is definitely one of our more rewarding passions; Zia’s catalog of design and color options is very much a reflection of our design aesthetic. We proudly offer an expansive variety of encaustic Cement Tile Patterns and Designs Range and we do that at an incredibly accessible price point. We’re here to help bring your creative vision to life, and that usually starts with the fundamentals, like tile.


Because tile is what? FUNDAMENTAL.  


Cement tiles are built to last, and that starts with the best materials and color range in the industry. With a pigment layer 2-3 millimeters thick, our tiles can easily withstand a century or more wear and tear. Add to that endless options for customization and it’s easy to see why cement tiles have been installed in a wide range of interiors for nearly two centuries.


The perfect place to start is with our extensive collection of hundreds of custom colors and patterns. From contemporary solid colors to multicolored ornate designs, browse through our dynamic variety of cement tiles.


Shop our catalog of handmade cement tile shapes below:





Customized Cement Tile in Los Angeles


Part of what originally drew us to cement tile was how easy it is to create custom patterns and shapes. If you can’t find the exact shape, color or pattern you’ve envisioned, we can easily create a one-of-a-kind, custom design. You can modify an existing tile to fit your needs, or you can opt for an entirely new idea. Our team is available to support and assist you with the selection and creation of your own cement tile vision.


Zia Tile offers individualized consulting and a wide range of resources to help you select your ideal styles and patterns. Our encaustic cement tiles range from elaborate, dynamic designs like our Tangier pattern to solid, bold colors. Fuel your creativity and follow your design inspiration with handcrafted cement tiles. Get excited and elevate your home’s interior with materials that your guests will rave about. Wherever you want your cement tiles installed in your home, Zia Tile has an array of vibrant options.


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