first 5 samples are free!
first 5 samples are free!

Designing in Chicago? Consider Cement Tiles!

04 / 12 / 2020




Known for its unique architecture and artistic culture, designing in Chicago requires a keen eye and a creative spirit. If you’re remodeling a home or commercial space in this modern hub, you’re going to want it to reflect the buzzing energy of Chi-town. Your interior should be just as unique as the exteriors that surround it. Handmade cement tiles are literally one-of-a-kind, so they’re definitely a material to consider if you’re working on a renovation in the vibrant Windy City. With tons of diverse colors and patterns to choose from, cement tiles can fit almost any aesthetic vision. Plus, they’re not just pretty to look at. Cement Tile Chicago are also super durable which makes them suitable for a variety of installations.




Cement + Culture



With museums and cultural centers abound, Chicago is a work of art in itself. It’s exciting to have the chance to contribute to the bustling art scene. Not everyone has the privilege of designing a space in such a contemporary city. By installing encaustic cement tiles, you’re adding to the high-concept visual backdrop. Cement tiles are special not just because of their appearance, but because of the care and craftsmanship that goes into their creation. The skill of making cement tiles has been perfected over centuries, and the artisans take pride in their work. No two tiles look exactly the same, and we think that’s part of their charm.




Weathering the Storm



Depending on who you talk to, one of the downsides to living in Chicago is the extreme weather. In the summer, it can be ridiculously humid, and we all know Chicago’s winter reputation. Brrrrrrr. Our company is based in Los Angeles, so we are a little wimpy when it comes to bad weather. But the good news is, our tiles are much hardier than we are! Cement tiles can withstand a variety of temperatures, which makes them a great option for a Chicagoan design project. Choosing reliable materials is imperative if you want your space to stand the test of time.




Traditions & Trends



Chicago is unique because its reflective of the chill, family-oriented Midwestern vibe, but it also has a modern edge. Our encaustic tiles have a rich history passed down for generations, but we’ve also adapted them to fit a contemporary lifestyle. Basically, Chicago and cement tiles are a perfect match! But seriously, if you’re inspired by mixing tradition with style, cement tiles pass both tests with flying colors. Plus, just like the artistic diversity of the city, there are so many design options inspired by different cultures. Check out our Sevilla tile if you want a classic Spanish look, or our Normandy tile if you’re feeling French.




Floors for Foodies



It’s no secret that Chicago has good food. In fact, most residents will argue that Chicago, rivals every other US city when it comes to cuisine. If you’re designing a restaurant, cement tiles are great for several reasons. When sealed correctly, they’re awesome in high-trafficked areas because of their sturdiness and matte finish. They can also be installed inside or outside, which means they’re perfect for brightening up a dining patio. Tons of restaurants are discovering the magic of encaustic cement, and how the tiles can transform a culinary space.




Zia Tile



We may be based in Los Angeles, but we can ship our tiles practically anywhere in the world! If you’re based in Chicago and you want to see our tile before you place your full order, we offer five free samples to prospective customers. If you have any questions about our selection of cement tile, we’d be happy to help you out. Also, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we offer custom designs.


Call us at 310-730-0600 or shoot us an email at info@ziatile.com


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