At Home with Amanda Thomas

A single eucalyptus tree inspired the interior of Luv Aj's Amanda Thomas’ cozy-chic West Hollywood bungalow. Bringing this delicate green color spectrum inside, her home projects a most special connection to nature. Zia’s Absinthe zellige tiles are the perfect extension of the pretty palette, adding texture to tone. With visual variation and an organic allure, the tiles elevate the modern, monochromatic surroundings. The entire home exudes a distinct blend of style and serenity, just the vibe Amanda was going for.

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04 / 05 / 2024

Sisters with style

A Family Affair

Amanda enlisted the help of her multihyphenate sister, Claire Thomas, to collaborate on the home’s design. With a background as a director, food stylist, and partner in Sweet Laurel Bakery, Claire’s impeccable eye eventually led her to home and lifestyle projects. Her projects are colorful, eclectic, and balanced, in equal measure. The two sisters lived together most of their lives, but have distinctly different styles. Claire played to Amanda’s love of sleek simplicity, while still adding her signature whimsical touch.

zellige tile shower wall
A colorful vision

Pursuing the Potential

Amanda's West Hollywood home is a small space with big plans at 1,200 square feet, a true Los Angeles bungalow. The original home was too one-note for the Thomas sisters, leaning into whites and neutrals and lacking much perspective. The property underwent a complete renovation, emerging as a sanctuary with an airy, contemporary aesthetic.

An earthy touch

The Role of Zellige

Every inch of the space has been thoughtfully curated, with each element chosen for its contribution to the home’s overall ambiance. The duo selected Zia’s zellige tile for the primary bathroom, knowing its distinct earthiness would add a touch of character while maintaining a modern sensibility. In this compact yet carefully designed home, every texture and handpicked material plays an essential role.

A monochromatic marvel

A Gem of a Green Bathroom

Expert design often demands bold choices, and this bath brilliantly demonstrates how a monochromatic approach can make the most stylish splash. Rather than using an accent color, she used green as her primary shade and added neutral accents. The photographs show that more is indeed more.

“Green was the focal color for the whole house, so Zia’s Absinthe tile in the bathroom was the perfect choice. Juxtaposed with the Calcutta Viola marble, the combo of the green tile and purple veins in the marble make the bathroom so special and visually pleasing.” – Amanda Thomas

A Timeless Tile

The benefit of zellige lies in its dynamic dissimilarity. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, giving any renovation a wholly unique look. With a rich history spanning several centuries, these Moroccan tiles are renowned for their handcrafted nature and subsequent appearance. If you feel inspired by Amanda’s spectacular interior, explore Zia Tile’s complete collection of zellige.

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