first 5 samples are free!
first 5 samples are free!

Houston meets Morocco: Design with Zellige Tile

04 / 12 / 2020



When you’re designing in Houston, you have to go big and go bold. After all, Houston is America’s fourth largest city with a larger surface area than the entire island of Oahu. Jam-packed with history and an ever-changing cultural genesis, Houston values tradition while promoting change. So, when you’re remodeling a property, how do you play to Houston’s two major strengths? That’s easy! The renovation is the “change,” and the zellige is the “tradition.” Zellige tiles complement the history of Houston and enhance the longevity of your décor. If you want a material that will enhance your property value and wow guests for years to come, Morrocan zellige was made for you!

Perfectly Imperfect



Houston is a unique blend of homey and welcoming with a gritty, urban twist. Zellige tiles are glossy and cheerful with a deliberately unrefined edge. Sounds like a match made in Houston heaven! Because zellige tiles are crafted by hand, they retain their subtle flaws and intentional inconsistencies. Color variation and surface texture is common, and actually desired! If you’re from Houston, you most likely value hard, honest work. Zellige tiles showcase this homegrown, DIY attitude. The master craftsmen, known as maâlems, have passed down their tile-making technique for generations. Most zellige artists start as young apprentices, and work their way up. The tiles are made with clay, water, and a kiln fired by olive-pits. The molding method is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Talk about history.



Turn Up the Heat



Houston is hot – and we mean that literally. Although it may be a corporate hotspot and an increasingly common center for startups, we’re talking temperature. It’s no secret that Houstonians must endure blazing-hot summers with sweltering humidity. When you’re designing in Houston, you have to take the climate into account. Lucky for you, zellige tiles are suited for practically any indoor or outdoor environment. They were created to withstand Mediterranean summers, after all. Not only are they durable, but they’re also easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a pH neutral cleaner and you’re good to go. Are you ready to hear the best news yet? No. Grout. Lines. That’s right, you don’t have to deal with grimy grout because zellige tiles should be installed edge-to-edge! The name of the game is low maintenance and high-impact, and zellige tiles pass the test with flying colors.



Dare to be Different



Speaking of colors, Houston is pretty diverse when it comes to the aesthetic. When American modernism meets traditional Mexican influence, there’s no one overarching design theme. That makes for a pretty exciting setting for an imaginative designer. If there are no rules to follow, there are no rules to break! You can essentially design your space in any style of décor and it won’t be out of place. Zellige tiles come in 38+ colors and four distinct cuts. The opportunities are endless. Want to match that hot Houston sun? Go with our vibrant cadmium yellow shade. Want something to match the spicy tex-mex cuisine? We suggest our peppery cayenne red. For the minimalist, we also offer unglazed natural tiles. No matter how you decide to decorate your interior, zellige tiles will fit right in.




Tile for Texans



So, where can you find these magical Moroccan tiles? Zia Tile is here to bring zellige to the masses. We’re based in Los Angeles, but we ship all over the world – Houston included! We strive to make one-of-a-kind, handcrafted tiles accessible to every homeowner and designer. Fall in love with the building blocks of Moroccan mosaics, and add something ultra-unique to your curated abode. From your kitchen backsplash to your shower walls, zellige can do it all. If you need help deciding on your perfect tile, tell us all about your project! We’ll walk you through your options and help you choose five free samples to get started. Get in touch today: 310-844-1170

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