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Moroccan Zellige Tile Range and Use

01 / 18 / 2018

Zellige Tiles


Our Zellige Tile is handmade in Morocco using a traditional
method passed down by generations of artisans. The collection features a wide array of colors from light basics to deep jewel tones and can be a feature in most indoor and outdoor settings.

No two pieces are exactly the same-each zellige tile harbors
remarkable texture and perfect imperfection. Browse our collection of 38+ colors of zellige in three different sizes: 4×4”, 2”x6”, and 3.5” hex.


Undeniable Zellige Style


Celebrated for their dynamic textures, hand cut edges, and deep, multi-tonal colors,  glazed Zellige tiles have quickly become one of the fastest growing trends in handmade tile. Our jewel toned zellige is popping up in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, and luxury hotels. Zellige is famed for their ingenious geometric patterns and the perfect imperfections; Moroccan style tiles are here to stay.


The signature appearance of traditional Zellige involves the use of local clays and glaze pigments. The resulting tile is hand-crafted in a time-honored tradition makes zellige pattern combinations even more astounding.


Assorted sizes of glazed terracotta zellige
2×6 subway, 4×4 square and 3.5 inch hex zelllige sizes in assorted colors.


Typical designs usually involve:


  • Diamonds
  • Polygons
  • Stars
  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Crosses


The range of colors is virtually endless, and the kaleidoscopic effect when the colors are brought together in complex patterns are breathtaking.


Moroccan Zellige Tiles are Traditional


Rooted in Moorish art, Zellige is a key element in Moroccan architecture and design. Using a plaster base, an artisan creates an elegant and complicated pattern. As a symbol of sophistication and wealth, this type of tile often includes inner mosaics, border styles, and special corner pieces to highlight a focal point within the created work.


Today, Zellige still utilizes the same historical technique with skilled artists manipulating some of the finest local clay and glazes to create these beautiful Moroccan tiles.


There Is No Substitute for Zellige Tile


Zellige tile brings history and tradition into your space that cannot be replicated with any other tile type. While there are many alternatives which imitate zellige, it is impossible to replicate the hand cut quality of authentic hand-crafted zellige.

Imbued with a history that spans a millennia, zellige takes passion and skill to create. As one of the earliest forms of ceramic tiles,  zellige drove the creation of new colors overto your space that will inspire others when you share the history behind such beautiful artistry. You not only help to continue a tradition steeped in ancient cultural history, but you also get a lifetime investment that will bring substance to your space.


Zellige Tile Brings Elegance and Beauty to Any Room


Zellige lends a unique atmosphere to any room it graces. Use Moroccan tile patterns and colors to create a focal point that draws the eye and hypnotizes the mind with intriguing patterns. The vibrant pops of color that these tiles are available in can breathe new life into your kitchen, bathroom, or patio. Decorate any floor or wall around your space and let the imperfections develop the perfect atmosphere for family gatherings or relaxation. It’s a versatile product that enhances wherever it shows.


Eco-Friendly and Simple Maintenance Make Zellige Tile Ideal


Clay is an amazing insulator and makes summers and winters more bearable on our feet as it absorbs temperatures from our environment naturally. This provides a more efficient way of keeping our homes cooler in the summers and warmer when we have our heaters running in the winter.


The cleaning of installed tiles only requires the use of a mild soap or cleaner, though the textured nature of the surface may require additional attention to detail to thoroughly remove any dirt.


Find Your Perfect Zellige Tile Color and Pattern


For those who have a taste for the finer things or those who appreciate tradition and culture, Zellige Tile is the perfect choice when designing a new space. At Zia Tile, we use artisans in Morocco to make our product so that a genuinely unique art form lives on. We offer a collection that features a broad range of coloring options, including light basic tones to deep jewel hues. You can highlight any of our selection in any out or indoor environment and achieve a stunning effect.


Contact us today to learn more about the remarkable patterns and texture options we have available in a wide range of color choices. You will love the perfect imperfections of this traditional tile form and all of the possible ideas and inspirations you can incorporate into your project.

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