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first 5 samples are free!


11 / 01 / 2018




We hold a special place in our hearts for cement tile. When our founders, Mike & Danny traveled to Vietnam, they came across the art of handmade, encaustic cement tile. They were blown away by the craftsmanship, patterns, colors and cost. They decided to bring this tile to the American consumer and Zia Tile was born.










Encaustic cement tiles are made one at a time by hand. This artisan process requires cement, a mold, a hydraulic press and mineral pigments. Durable and environmentally friendly, cement tiles are a greener option because they aren’t fired in a kiln. These little masterpieces are air dried, the old fashioned way, over many days. Since they aren’t glazed, the only place we don’t recommend installing our tiles is countertops. But other than that, let your design imagination run wild—backsplashes, bathroom walls, showers, kitchen floors and we’ve even seen them on bedroom walls!




8x9 'Umbra' hexagonal encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 4.4 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)




Proper installation is key to making sure your encaustic cement tiles last a lifetime. Unless you’re an expert DIY-er, we recommend bringing in a professional tile installer. Other than that, simply reseal the floors every 2-3 years and you’re good to go!





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