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Deck Out Your Outdoor Space with Zellige

11 / 09 / 2018


The outdoors; blue sky, comfortable weather, summer parties, and evenings around the fire. Zellige tile adds handcrafted, one-of-a-kind elegance to the overall look and feel of your outdoor patio or veranda. If you’re looking to transform your backyard into an inspirational space of relaxation and entertainment, the handmade artistry and craftsmanship of zellige is a must.


While one of the best-known features of Zellige tile is its durability and design, many only think of indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms for their own installations. Interestingly enough, the first instances of zellige tile we’re exterior applications on the walls and fountains of Moorish and North African palaces. A patio or pool area are not only the perfect place for Zellige tile, they’re actually where our handmade tile really begins to shine. Outdoor applications almost always work well as long as it is not placed in exposed areas that freeze and thaw frequently.



So Many Ways to Use Zellige Tile Outdoors


The versatility of Zellige outdoors may surprise you when you look into other stylish ideas that this revered tile can create. Zellige tile makes it possible to think outside of the normal parameters of tiling and decor of your outside spaces. Imagine external entryways framed with beautiful Zellige to foster a welcoming feeling for guests crossing your threshold. 




Stylish ways to use Zellige tile outdoors:


  • Firepit spaces
  • Front or counter space of an outdoor bar
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Decorating a patio kitchen island
  • Tiled seating areas or benches
  • Retaining wall enhancement
  • Pools and spas


These are just a few of the countless ways homeowners have added a pop of color and class to their favorite places outside. Zellige tile belongs outdoors just as much as indoors with its hardiness and bright glazed colors.



Add a POP of Color to the Great Outdoors




As you can see, Zellige outdoors can bring brilliant color schemes and designs that make your backyard or pool area feel even more immersive and beautiful. When you begin planning an outdoor tile, look for your property, speak with one of our knowledgeable team members at Zia Tile. We can work with you to create an atmosphere that you not only enjoy living in but can share or entertain with others. 


Zellige outdoors offers a lot of options to truly make your home exude the attitude and style that represents you. Favorite design ideas that homeowners often consider are:


You never have to worry about not finding the right color scheme when choosing to use Zellige outdoors. With the broad array of colored patterns, shapes, and overall designs, you will easily come up with several ideas that will be hard to choose between.





Your Outdoor Space Is Perfect For Handcrafted Zellige Art


Many homeowners love the look of Zellige tile for many reasons. Whether it’s the bright colorations or the beauty of its imperfections, this style of handcrafted tile is something long appreciated by countless generations. When choosing Zellige for patios or fountains, the myriads of shades and textured surfaces delight the senses.


These handmade terracotta tiles bring a sense of storied artisan craft that you won’t find in other tile products. The glaze and colors are unmatched, and the versatility of Zellige is undeniably eye-catching. Using a pattern or unique design for a new deck or door frame will amaze you with a significant difference in the environment of your backyard or other outdoor gather places.



Planning Zellige Outdoors in Los Angeles


If you’ve been considering tile options for your garden walls or maybe just want to update the overall look of your backyard, then Zellige is a terrific option to accomplish this. When designed well, a new outdoor backsplash by your grill can change the environment of the entire space. From simply accenting outer doors to creating an entirely new walking area around your property, the different textures, colors, and patterns of Zellige are the perfect solution. 



Handmade Tiles in Los Angeles



Are you ready to start planning and make your perfect design a reality? We are here and ready to help you begin the process and discover all of the amazing variations and pattern ideas that Zellige tile has to offer. If you aren’t sure about this longtime favorite tile, contact us so we can help you discover all of the options available and how they might work in your outdoor space. Let us here at Zia Tile help you make character and color collide into a breathtaking example of age-old artistry and craftsmanship. 


Contact our helpful team of designers today and learn more about the amazing color and pattern choices available for all your outdoor Zellige needs. We will help you discover all of the remarkable patterns and texture options we have available to create a Zellige look and style you love with a durability that lasts a lifetime.

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