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Zellige in the Bathroom

09 / 07 / 2018

Zellige for the bathroom is on customer shortlists for popular renovation and decor ideas in their homes. This versatile product brightens and elevates the beauty of any bath area it graces with timeless style and handcrafted artisanship. With its ability to complement just about any style you can imagine, it’s never been easier to use this glossy tile to add a splash of personality to your private half-bath or sink backsplash. 




Where to Use Zellige in Your Bathroom



Choosing to use this iconic tiling in your bathroom is only the beginning of your decision-making process. Deciding where and how you want to use Zellige tile in your bathroom’s wet or dry spaces takes planning and a love for countless options to choose from. Will you only do your shower walls? Or, maybe you want an all-over appearance by doing just the walls outside of the shower area instead. These endless applications to choose from can be the hardest step to figuring out when planning a Zellige tile project.



Handcute Jade 4×4 Moroccan zellige from Zia Tile




Zia Tile understands how overwhelming the selection of this long-time favorite can be for those looking to splash some more color and style into their bathrooms. Our tile is handmade in Morocco and comes in all shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your:



  • Bathroom walls
  • Shower walls
  • Sink backsplashes
  • Additional wet and dry areas 



Even our Zellige in 2×2 sizing can look amazing as a new floor for your bathroom environment. Needless to say, it doesn’t matter what ideas you have, choosing a quality handmade Zellige bathroom tile look will immediately elevate the look and feel of your space.





A Zellige Bathroom Is Timeless



Even though it seems Zellige bathroom designs have suddenly rocketed in today’s modern design styles, it’s versatility has been relied upon for centuries. With imperfect textures and the availability of bright, glossy color schemes, it makes a mesmerizing tile choice that lasts for generations in normally functional space.





Some of the reasons customers love Zellige tile in their baths include:


  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Enhances current decor 


Revamping your double sink area in your master bath with a solid-hued Zellige tile, or livening it up with traditional geometric patterns, are just a few ways to incorporate the artistry of this decor. It’s one of a kind look of perfect imperfections makes this a truly unique option that cannot be replicated. A Zellige bathroom integrates historical old world charm with your state-of-the-art bathroom amenities and creates a rustic synergy your family will love for many generations. The possibilities are limitless when creating your new bath look. 





Tap Into Your Inner Style When Designing Your Zellige Bathroom



One of the most enjoyable parts about designing your Zellige bathroom is the endless supply of eye-catching colors they can be made in. At Zia Tile, we have a wide-ranging palette of hues that have their own variations within each tile. This subtle difference from tile to tile within the same color option makes Zellige genuinely different from other tiling decors on the market today. 


At Zia Tile, we enjoy working with our clients to create a Zellige bathroom design that speaks to their individual tastes and personalities. The impressive entryways and shower wall designs that we have assisted in creating, always amazes and inspires us to keep creating even more hues and shapes of this marvelous tile. 


Whether you prefer the simple square shape of traditional Zellige or want something more modern and funky like a hexagon option, we have the variety you need to design your perfect space. 





Make Your Zellige Bathroom Plans a Reality with Zia Tile



A Zellige bathroom in your new residence or as part of your home renovation plan is an exciting undertaking. If you have tile ideas to accent your garden tub or want to cover drab walls with a classic tile in a favorite color scheme, Zia Tile can help achieve your new look. Give your bathroom a Zellige makeover with numerous sophisticated tile options that add time-honored traditional Zellige artistry. From simply accenting window areas to creating an entirely new floor in your bathroom, the different textures, colors, and patterns of our tile is a superb choice.  


Let us help you begin the planning process of making your Zellige bathroom plans a reality. At Zia Tile, our staff has in-depth knowledge not just about styles and color of Zellige, but also how to apply it best. We introduce you to the countless variations and pattern ideas that Zellige tile has for your home. If you have any questions about our handmade Zellige tile options, contact us today to learn how this breathtaking tile can transform your bathroom.  


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