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Zellige Tile: Creating a Decorative Backsplash

04 / 11 / 2020



Whether you’re renovating your home or building your business, a backsplash can make a world of difference in your interior. Handcrafted zellige tile will wow your guests no matter where it is installed, but it is particularly well-suited for a colorful backsplash! If you’re replacing your current tile or starting from scratch, it’s important to install a material that is both durable and eye-catching.



Our Little (Moroccan) Secret



Remodeling a property is both fun and challenging. You get to (literally) put a fresh coat of paint on a well-loved space. One small change will completely transform your interior. A decorative backsplash is a great way to make a huge impact with a simple alteration. When you’re choosing your materials, why not pick a piece with a dynamic story behind its creation? Zellige tiles come with centuries of history and a fascinating background. The art of crafting zellige has been passed down for generations of Moroccan artisans. It’s super easy to enhance the character of your space with these tessellated beauties.




Tile for One, and Tile for All



Not only are zellige tiles beautiful, they’re also super versatile! You can create a decorative backsplash with a wide variety of cuts and patterns. If you want a traditional mosaic look, go for our tiny 2×2 squares for something super ornate. Maybe you’re more of a minimalist, in which case we recommend the classic 4×4’s. Feeling trendy? Opt for out 2×6 subway tile and install your new zellige tiles in a quirky chevron pattern. Last but not least, we have our unique hex shape, for those who really want to make a distinct design statement. If the shapes weren’t enough décor diversity, we also offer 38+ shades. From carbon black to golden amber, these glossy pieces of art can fit into any existing theme.




The Never-Ending Story



Why change a good thing? At least, that’s how the zellige tile-makers feel. The skilled craftsmen known as maalems have performed the same process for centuries – even down to the olive pit-fired kiln! They combine organic materials including clay, stone, and water to make the initial mold. This clay must be harvested in the specific region of Fez, Morocco. (We weren’t kidding when we said they value tradition!) The clay is dried in the hot Moroccan sun before the artists apply the glaze. Because of the natural process and intentionally uneven firing method, no two tiles look exactly alike. In fact, it’s their visual variation that makes zellige so special! Needless to say, they make for a pretty jaw-dropping decorative backsplash. The visible texture and perfect imperfections make your backsplash literally one-of-a-kind.



Tile So Clean, You Can Eat Off It



Considering you’re probably adding a decorative backsplash to your kitchen area, it’s not all about looks. You want a material that’s not only nice to look at, but also easy to clean. Guess what? Zellige tiles are ultra-low maintenance! You just have to wipe them down every once in a while, with a pH neutral cleaner. Are you ready for the best part? There are no grout lines! That’s right, traditional zellige is installed edge-to-edge with no space for grout. Say goodbye to grimey grout and hello to glossy goodness. Intricate doesn’t have to mean hard to handle.




Design in Style with Zia Tile



Zellige tile has an absolutely transformative effect. The second you lay your new backsplash beauties, your entire room will light up. We often get ask what kind of installations zellige is best suited for. The answer? Practically all of them! In addition to your decorative backsplash, these tiles can be installed in the bathroom, on your patio, and everywhere in between. If you need help deciding which shade and style is right for you, no problem! That’s what we’re here for. Chat with our team and tell us all about your exciting new project. Let’s work together to fulfill your renovation dreams.

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