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first 5 samples are free!

Zellige Tile for Restaurants

04 / 09 / 2020



Even in the age of takeout, the design and décor of a restaurant is still crucial to enticing customers. We may not be dining in quite as often, but the ambience still matters! Ordering at a restaurant or café is all about getting an experience you can’t get at home. When a guest steps into your restaurant, you want it to be a wholly unique experience. Plus, it wouldn’t be a bad time to spruce up your patio area for outdoor seating. One of the easiest ways to give your restaurant a face lift is adding handmade tile. If you really want to stand out among the competition, our personal tile preference is glossy Moroccan zellige. There are so many reasons we love this trendy tile, but we’ll give you a recap of some of our favorites.


Cooking Up Something Solid



Durability is absolutely ESSENTIAL when designing (or re-designing) a commercial space. No matter how much foot traffic you’re getting, there are bound to be some spills and stumbles. You want tiles that will stand the test of time, and the trials and tribulations of a restaurateur. We have good news! Moroccan zellige tiles are super easy to take care of. They are usually installed without grout (that’s right, no grimy grout lines!) and they’re ultra-low maintenance. All you have to do is wipe them down with a pH neutral cleaner and you’re good to go! In chef’s terms, it’s easy as (making) pie.


Dreamy Outdoor Dining



For obvious reasons, outdoor dining has become the norm. It’s time to consider how to improve your outside space now more than ever. You want to maximize your exterior appeal so passerbys can’t help but grab a seat on the patio. Lucky for you, zellige tiles are ideal for outdoor installations. They’ve been used in the Mediterranean to adorn fountains and terraces for CENTURIES. If they can last outside for several hundred years, they will definitely last in your exterior dining space. Plus, they look absolutely gorgeous! In shades that range from Casablanca white to Jade green, there is a zellige tile for every restaurant’s aesthetic.




A Recipe That’s Tried and True



Zellige tiles aren’t just pretty to look at, they also come with a story! These tiles are handmade by skilled artisans who learn the craft as apprentices. The master craftsmen are called “maâlems,” and they carefully mold every tile individually. The raw clay is harvested in the Fez region of Morocco, and it is carefully filtered for impurities. After drying in the hot Moroccan sun, the earthen kiln is fired using olive pits. If you’re looking for something with character, it doesn’t get more artisanal than zellige! In fact, each tile has deliberate visual variation and perfect imperfections. This visible texture is what makes zellige tiles stand out from the rest, and it is the quality that will entice your restaurant customers to keep coming back for more.



Order’s up! Zellige at Zia



Curious about zellige for your restaurant? We’re here to help! We offer free samples so you can view up to five shades before you settle on your fave. Zia Tile is based in Los Angeles, but we ship worldwide! So, whether your restaurant is located on a sandy beach in Italy or a mountain lodge in Colorado, our zellige tiles were made for you. Achieve new professional heights with a gorgeous, glossy tile installation. Your business has never looked better. Contact our team today to learn more about zellige, and all of the stunning cuts and colors we offer. Bon Appetit!

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