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10 / 16 / 2018



The Zellige aesthetic is long-recognized for its carefully crafted artistry, which has graced the walls, floors, and focal points of homes for centuries. Its signature old-world feel of imperfect textures and intricate geometric patterns has inspired a revival of colorful pattern options married with modern design influence. Mosaics depicting classic trends that create full reliefs on bathroom walls and outdoor patios, have regained popularity and brought new life to stale living areas. 




The fondness for handmade art and the mimicry of this style has transcended time and place, being found everywhere around the modern world. While Zellige has roots in Fez, Morocco, and some areas of Spain, interior designers and homeowners have found ingenious ways to create character and atmosphere in their home projects. Vast color palettes and designs are now incorporated into the creative process while still preserving the more traditional undertones.



Zellige Style is Undeniably Unique






Zellige offers a wide range of customization through its many colors, shapes, and uneven texture. In spaces that may seem drab, Zellige brings a natural warmth and simplicity that marries well with its surroundings. You can focus on functionality and design at the same time, which highlights the versatility behind this longtime home design favorite. 






A clear feature that endears this handcrafted style is the purposeful imperfection of it. The geometric patterns seem to enhance further and highlight this characteristic, and the uneven distribution of color helps draw out its innate artistry. All of this is due to the masterful application of pattern, pigment, and materials used to generate the desired combination of aesthetics.




Popular designs that have endured for centuries include:


  • Triangles
  • Diamonds
  • Squares
  • Crosses
  • Polygons
  • Stars






Zellige Keeps Traditional Style While Blending With Modern








The Zellige style has roots in Moorish art, architecture, and living spaces. Popularly used in mosaic tile patterns, traditional artisans create complex patterns to adorn and accentuate. Zellige is a crucial element in Moroccan architecture and design. For those seeking to add a more luxurious feel and environment to their home, the applications and themes are endless.





Common decor styles that Zellige is perfect for encapsulating include:



  • Mosaics
  • Earthy and rustic tones
  • Vintage and old-world appeal
  • Monochromatic modernism




Even in today’s advanced world of technology and manufactured looks, Zellige has persevered with its historically rooted appeal.  


Add Elegance and Beauty to Any Room With Zellige





4x4 'Casablanca White' glazed terra-cotta zellige, 3/8 inch thick, 10.76 square feet per box (100 tiles)




Those who want a style choice that adds a uniqueness to any area it appears, Zellige has the diversity of patterns and color to achieve it. Creating dazzling entrance ways and tile covered bar tops in this style will create a focal point that catches the eye. Renovating a kitchen or patio into an attractive gathering area highlighted by an exotic make-up of Zellige will last for years to come.  




There are many ways to create an overall theme that brings this style to life, but the primary materials include:




  • Zellige Tile handmade in Morocco
  • Encaustic cement tiles customized with Zellige inspired themes








Home designers love these clay-based options because of their variation and uniqueness from tile to tile. No two tiles are exactly the same.  They are also offer a lasting durability that gives a lifetime of enjoyment. Homeowners rely on Zellige for this very reason and love installing them in high-traffic as well as wet areas since they are easy to maintain. Cleaning only requires a mild soap solution as zellige tiles are not inherently porous.  







The Zia Tile Design Team Can Help Create Your Perfect Space





The perfect choice for any space needing a touch of luxury is the Zellige look and feel. Zia Tile is proud to offer a vast selection of decoration options to rejuvenate your current area. Our goal is to inspire you to think more creatively when designing your home. We offer Zellige tile designs that are handmade in Morocco. Genuine products made in their traditional form are important to us so we can help continue the life of this centuries-old art form. 





The broad palette options of jeweled hues or custom mosaic patterns have every spectrum you can think of for your project. Create the mesmerizing spa area you’ve always dreamed of with our stunning array of Zellige tiles. Begin your exploration into remarkable patterns and texture options today by contacting us to learn more. 


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