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Pink Dahlia 2x8

PINK DAHLIA 2x8Subway Ceramics | matte finish

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Minor variations in size, color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Images shown are representative, but may not indicate all variations in these characteristics.

Samples ship in 2 business days

Full orders ship within 2 business days of the noted lead time






Tile Usage

Interior Floors - High Traffic

Ex: Kitchen, primary bathroom, entryway

Interior Floors - Low Traffic

Ex: Guest bathroom, guest bedroom

Exterior Floors - Freeze or Thaw

Outdoor surfaces that may get snow or ice

Exterior Floors - Non Freeze or Thaw

Outdoor surfaces that will not get snow or ice

Interior Walls

Ex: Kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall

Exterior Walls

Ex: Exterior walls or cladding

Shower Walls + Floors

Including steam showers

Pools + Spas

Salt water or chlorine

Fireplace Surround

Note: Tiles cannot be used inside fire box

Radiant Heating Compatible

Includes any heated floor elements

Sealing Required

See install guide for recommended sealers

To find the world’s best ceramic tiles, we traveled to Japan. These artisan-made, architectural-grade ceramic tiles are 1,000 years of tradition in the making. Our selection of matte, satin, and glossy ceramic tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations, and can accommodate more extreme climates. Available in new sizes, Zia remains at the forefront of the ceramic tile movement.

We ship our tiles anywhere that USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and any LTL carrier can reach! If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or a country outside of the United States, please email or call us for a custom freight quote. Our in stock samples of Cotto tiles typically ship out within 2 business days of order receipt from our Los Angeles warehouse.

All standard shipping orders will deliver using LTL carrier service and are curbside delivery. The LTL trucking company that is contracted to deliver your order will contact you to arrange a specific date and timeframe for curbside delivery. Your full order will ship once all tiles are in stock in our warehouse.

We are excited to offer free Pick up/Will Call from our Los Angeles Warehouse to help our local customers save on shipping costs! Because our stock tiles are ready to ship from multiple warehouses around the country, we are not able to guarantee that all stock tiles will be ready for pick up in Los Angeles at the time of order placement. Your tile may take an additional 1-3 weeks to be transferred free of charge from one of our auxiliary warehouses to our Los Angeles warehouse prior to your will call appointment. If you have any questions regarding your tile pick up availability, please reach out to our team at (310) 844-1170 or at info@ziatile.com. We are happy to discuss shipping rates or alternate options to ensure you meet your project deadline.

We offer all customers the option to order samples through our website by clicking on the Request a Sample button each tile page. All sample orders are limited to up to 4 per tile design. We make every effort to ship all samples within the same shipment, but some samples may ship separately if specific samples are out of stock at the time the order is placed.

Some samples of special order tiles may be available and are limited to 1 sample per customer due to the limited amount of special order tile samples we have on-hand. Frequently, special order sample tiles will have a lead time that matches the order lead time listed on each individual tile page.

The first 5 samples in our online cart are complimentary and additional samples are $3 each. The credit for the first 5 samples is is reflected on the final check out page. Shipping is $8 for every 3 tiles shipped. Our samples ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS ground within 2-3 business days of order receipt. For questions regarding samples, please email info@ziatile.com.


----- Read this guide, IN FULL, prior to beginning any installation of ceramic tile -----

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To ensure proper installation based on unique project and/or site conditions, clients are responsible for hiring a skilled installer that has experience in installing and sealing ceramic tile. Zia Tile is not responsible for installation, ongoing care, or issues arising after receipt and installation of product. If client’s installer deviates from the instructions or recommendations below, this may result in costly and undesirable outcomes.


  • Please inspect your order thoroughly, upon receipt. Zia Tile cannot be held responsible for tiles that have already been installed.

  • To account for cuts, pattern, inherent variation in high fired ceramics, and potential breakage in transit, it is strongly recommended that all orders include a minimum of 10-15% overage to avoid costly add-on shipping and schedule delays.

  • Due to the inherent color variation of high fired ceramics, it is very important to blend the tiles from all boxes in your order and verify layout before beginning your installation.



For placing the tiles:

  • Sponge

  • Bucket

  • 3/16” tile spacers

  • High quality medium-bed thin set mortar

  • Trowel with 1⁄2” semi-circular notches

  • High quality sanded grout

  • Grout float

  • Water-cooled tile saw with diamond edge blade or snap tile cutter

For cleaning and sealing ceramic tiles:

  • pH neutral cleaner such as Miracle Sealants Heavy Duty Cleaner (Acid Substitute)

  • Penetrating Sealer - 511 Porous Plus Sealer from Miracle Sealants is required for matte finish ceramics to act as a grout release to avoid grout haze and staining.

  • Paint roller, paint tray, sponge and water bucket - Lint-free cotton cloth

  • Before beginning installation, blend tile from all boxes in your shipment, lay out the tile in the installation area and ensure any variation is distributed evenly.

  • Prior to installation, clean any dust from shipping and residue with a pH neutral cleaner and soft cloth.

  • The underlayment must be uniform and in good condition, a high-quality medium-bed thin set is sufficient to set ceramic tiles. Cement board or backer board are the most standard substrates. Waterproof underlayments are necessary for wet areas.

  • Evenly apply the thin set mixture to the underlayment using a trowel. Wet the back of each tile with a sponge before applying the adhesive to the back of each tile, making sure to apply the mixture in the same direction in order to prevent air pockets from forming.

  • Lay ceramic tile in accordance with the drying time required for the thin set used, pressing the tiles into place. Ensure the tiles are perfectly flat during installation.

  • Place in small sections, no larger than 2’x2’, at a time and immediately wipe off any residual thin set from the surface of the tiles. Grout can be incredibly difficult to remove without damaging the tiles if left too long.

  • Consistent open joints should be allowed for desired spacing - 3/16” recommended and the minimum is 1⁄8”.

  • All saw cuts must be made with a water-cooled tile saw or snap tile cutter.

  • After the tiles have been laid, allow the thin set at least 48 hours to cure before sealing and grouting.

  • All matte finish ceramic tiles must be use a sealer as a grout release to avoid grout haze and staining. Use a pH neutral cleaner before sealing. Use of acidic cleaners will damage the tiles and should be avoided.

  • For matte finish ceramics only: After laying the tile and prior to grouting, apply 511 Porous Plus penetrating sealer in a thin layer over the surface of the tile, wiping off any excess sealer before it dries. Do not over-seal, thick or excessive application of sealant can dry unevenly and result in an undesirable waxy film on the surface of the tiles. Allow sealer to cure, typically 24-48 hours; always follow the sealant manufacturer’s application instructions.

  • Using only a high-quality sanded grout, fill in the gaps between the tiles with a rubber grout float. Grout in small areas, no larger than 2’x2’, at a time. DO NOT grout the entire installation at once, as the tiles can stain from excess grout that is extremely difficult to remove later. Instead, grout small areas and immediately remove any excess grout with a trowel before moving onto the next area.

  • Allow the grout to cure, usually 48 hours.

  • Clean the tiles with pH neutral detergent, removing any residual mortar or debris. Never leave spills, drips, footprints, or any other marks on the tiles prior to sealing.

  • ALWAYS cover the tiles with durable paperboard during and after installation to prevent damage and/or staining of the tiles until construction is complete.