Cement Tile and Your Decorative Backsplash

Cement Tile and Your Decorative Backsplash

  Design is all about finding small ways to make a big impact. Are you itching for a change but not ready to commit to a gut renovation? Installing a decorative backsplash is a super easy way to transform the look of your home by making minimal adjustments. A tiled backsplash is nothing new, but using encaustic cement puts a trendy twist on tradition. These eco-friendly stunners are dynamic and durable, and ideal for adding character to your living space. Give your kitchen a facelift with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted tile. Whether your kitchen decor is county chic or magnificently modern, cement tile can do it all.  

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12 / 16 / 2022

Happiness in the Hundreds

 Nothing screams versatility like 100+ options. Our cement tiles are offered in a wide variety of patterns and colors. You can go bold and use a vivid design over your entire decorative backsplash, or use solid color tiles with patterned accent pieces. Try our peachy-perfect solid delta moon shade and throw in the odd delta moon little nova tile for a little zest. Tied to tradition? No problem! Our ornate Manchester tiles are just as charming as they are classic. Of course, we can’t forget the ever-popular Spanish-style interior! For Mediterranean-inspired decorative backsplashes, we have too many options to list. A few of our favorites are the Vega, the Toledo, and the stunning Sevilla. From funky designs like our Echo hex tile, to our sleek Bauhaus tile that is striking in its simplicity, there is truly something for everyone.  

“Cut” Yourself a Break

  Speaking of endless possibilities, our encaustic cement tiles are available in four contrasting cuts. Our most popular cement tile is the 8x8 square, but we have plenty of options for a smaller-size install. Try our 4x4 squares for the perfect backsplash-friendly cut. Looking for something a little different for your decorative backsplash? Our diamond-shaped tiles are undeniably eye-catching. For the super adventurous designer, our hex cement tiles are suitable for any surface.   

Say Goodbye to Grime

  Let’s face it, kitchens get messy. It’s inevitable. Even if you order takeout, you somehow end up with a pile of dirty dishes and a grimy counter. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries. What’s not a mystery, however, is how to keep cement tile sparkling clean! These low-maintenance hotshots require very little upkeep. Natural wear and tear actually adds to their charm. Because no two tiles look exactly alike, visual variation is expected and even encouraged. You want your guests to know you installed something handmade. As far as keeping them squeaky clean, just wipe them down with a pH neutral cleaner every once in a while. No tricks, that’s it! Your decorative backsplash never looked better.   

Go Wild for Zia Tile

  Now that you’ve discovered a durable, versatile, kitchen-friendly material, what’s next? We at Zia Tile are here to help you find your perfect cement tile, and make the ordering process as easy as possible. If you’re a little hesitant about committing to a tile you haven’t seen in person, no problem! That’s why we offer five free samples. That way, you can test different cuts and patterns to see which tile best fits your decorative backsplash. Renovating has never been easier. Zia Tile is located in Los Angeles, but we ship practically anywhere in the world! Browse our colorful catalog, or call a member of our team for a consultation. Your dream kitchen decor is right around the corner.

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