Bringing Moroccan Tile into Your American Home

Morocco is a cultural epicenter of art and design. One defining feature contributing to the country’s colorful charm is the array of tiled surfaces.

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02 / 10 / 2023

Zellige (also known as Zellij) tiles credit Morocco as their birthplace. With a glazed surface and a clay base, these handcrafted stunners can be found throughout North Africa and Andalucía, Spain. Their Moorish history is vibrant and enduring. It’s easy to fall in love with these gorgeous pieces of Moroccan history – as design enthusiasts around the world have. From mosaics to modern accent pieces, Moroccan tiles are versatile and visually dynamic. Find inspiration in Moroccan mosaics and incorporate this eye-catching style in your own home. 

Tessellated Designs

If you’re obsessed with the intricate mosaics that cover Moroccan courtyards, you’re not alone! Create your own dream motif with our super small 2x2 zellige tiles. Choose from a variety of vivid shades and don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting hues. The design opportunities – from ornate to simple – are endless with our compact 2x2s. 

Pro tip:

Hire an expert installer with ample experience laying mosaics. 

Glacier Blue 2x2 Zellige Tiles

Warm, Sunny Tones

There’s something special about the hot Moroccan sun. Whether you live in a similarly sunny climate or want to add warmth to your space, consider gold-toned zellige tiles. Our Amber tiles are reminiscent of desert sunlight and caramel-colored sand. Complement these tiles with shades like cognac, ruby red, and other jewel tones. You can also add a few hints of cool colors for visual contrast. 

Amber 2x2 Zellige Tiles

Sleek Black & White

You can’t go wrong with black and white. While Moroccan tiles are famous for their vibrant colors, artisans have also experimented with striking black and white pigments. Our Carbon Black zellige tiles are the deepest hue we offer. These rich black tiles pair beautifully with our Pure White zellige. Combine these two contrasting tones for a gorgeous display of timeless colors. Consider our geometric hexagon shape for something eclectic and reminiscent of traditional Moroccan mosaics. 

Hex Carbon Black Zellige

Cool Tones with Depth

Borrow inspiration from cool blue Moroccan fountains and soaking pools. Our Moroccan Blue zellige tiles are the perfect addition to any modern space. This timeless tone radiates depth and sophistication. These tiles are ideal for adding a pop of color while maintaining a calming atmosphere. The beauty of blue is that it will complement practically any existing décor, indoor or outdoor. 

Hex Moroccan Blue Zellige Tiles

Zia Tile’s Zellige Selection

Our Moroccan tile selection doesn’t end there! Browse our entire selection of zellige tiles. No matter your Moroccan-inspired vision, we’re here to help bring your concept to life. Create an unforgettable atmosphere with these one-of-a-kind materials. Learn more about the unique process of crafting zellige tiles here. If you have any questions before placing your order, contact our team at (310) 844-1170. From Morocco to your doorstep, add a splash of culture and creativity to your home. 

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