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Say hello to a plethora of new design ideas. While recent years have veered towards calming hues, we're moving in a more creative direction and we couldn't be more excited to see these projects come to life.

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02 / 15 / 2023

Retro patterns are being modernized and colors are being paired in unconventional ways. This year is putting an unexpected twist on traditional design concepts. Discover this year's top three tile trends and get ahead of the curve!

Checkerboard Patterns in Zellige

Consider a unique take on the classic checkerboard pattern. Checkerboards are here to stay, but always evolving. Consider two contrasting colors, and we don’t just mean traditional black and white. Go with warm hues like terracotta against taupe or golden brown against cream. Zellige tiles are the perfect way to update this timeless style as the tonal variation within each Moroccan tile will create a wholly unique and elevated checkerboard look.

Checkerboard Zellige Tiles

Playful Bathroom Tile Patterns

It may not be the sexiest space, but don’t neglect your bathroom! Any design pro will tell you that a well-designed bathroom is essential in achieving a well-rounded stylish interior, so focus on bold or playful bathroom decor. A spa-like space doesn’t have to take itself too seriously! Turn your entire bathroom into a statement piece with loud patterns or quirky colors that make your bathroom pop. Cover your floors and walls in dazzling designs – because why not? Look forward to waking up every morning and stepping into a space that brings you joy.

Pomelo Zeppelin Cement Tile

All-Over Cotto

Discover our newest addition to the Zia family, Cotto tile. Our Cotto tile collection embodies rustic textures and terra cotta tones, ideal to add warmth anywhere in our outside your home. These high-fired tiles come in several earthy shades and eye-catching cuts. We have worked with several designers recently who covered entire surfaces in Cotto – with breathtaking results. We’re undoubtedly going to see more Cotto than ever this year. Dare to experiment with this organic material from wall to wall. The broader the install, the bigger the wow.

Cotto Tile Ideas

Zia’s Handmade Tile

Above all else, design is about making your interior your own. Being able to customize your space is a gift and unique homes are more desirable than ever. Make your interior one-of-a-kind with handcrafted elements and avoid mass-produced materials. Your home should stand out – and we’re here to help! Discover our entire selection of curated tiles for your next project. For more information on our handmade products, contact us at (310) 844-1170. 

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