As you scour countless catalogs and websites trying to decide on the perfect tiling option to redecorate your living space, you may have discovered Zellige kitchens are the newest rave. Don’t dismiss this as a short-lived trend as these tiles have graced backsplashes and half-walls for centuries.

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03 / 23 / 2023

Zellige has a super glossy tone and traditional charm that is unmistakable and impossible to confuse with any other decor option on the market. Their versatile color schemes and varying tile shapes and sizes have given them a renewed spotlight over the past few years. Their imperfect texture and colorations make their appearance a welcome change from mass manufactured tile options that have saturated home design plans today. 


How Zellige Can Boost Your Kitchen’s Appearance

When your kitchen is ready for a remodel or is just lacking some pop, Zellige elevates it instantly. The reason for this is the perfect complement of old-world charm and modern living that this choice can accomplish. In addition to this, it keeps a timeless appearance that you won’t find yourself tired of after many years of looking at it.  


At Zia Tile, our Zellige is handmade in Morocco so that we can continue creating colors and styles that add more dimension and depth to your kitchen area. You can create layered spectrums of geometric patterns or a dramatic entranceway accents with our extensive selection. From muted tones to adventurous exploration of your favorite Zellige kitchen styles, we can help you discover new ways to recreate your drab kitchen into a room for family get-togethers and memory-making.

Some popular Zellige kitchen options that designers and homeowners love are:

  • Kitchen countertops covered in Zellige tile

  • Zellige backsplashes

  • Update kitchen bar areas with Zellige tile

  • Updated Zellige kitchen sink backsplashes

  • Zellige tile accents of kitchen islands


Don’t let the aesthetics of a renovated Zellige kitchen make you forget about the famous durability it is known for! The easy cleaning characteristics of this tiling option will save your kitchen from cooking adventures that go wrong. 

Kitchen Zellige Design Options by Zia Tile

Tulum zellige tile backsplash

Homeowners in the process of creating a new kitchen design or accent using Zellige hand-crafted tile may find the vast selection to choose from overwhelming. At Zia Tile, we work with you to explore the most appealing textures and mesmerizing patterns to capture the tiled look you desire. We love to share our artisans’ efforts in bringing out the natural beauty of this imperfectly textured surface tile option. As you discover the elegance you can bring to the kitchen, you will quickly understand why they keep regaining popularity. 


We offer several sizes and shapes in our handmade selection of Zellige that we carry on site:


  • 4 x 4 Standard square

  • 2 x 2 Square Mosaic

  • 2 x 6 Rectangle

  • 3.5 x 4 Hexagon


Depending on your personal taste and decoration plans, you might prefer creating a beautifully laid Zellige covered space between your countertop and cabinets with any of our three carried sizes. Or, you might want to brighten your floor areas around your kitchen with a colorfully accented floor made from our 2 x 6 shades of your favorite hues. No matter what project you have planned, Zia Tile has a wide range of pattern combinations and glazes in a variety of customizable shapes and sizes suitable for any kitchen design you can imagine.


Choose Zellige Tile Handmade in Morocco

Graphite zellige backsplash

In today’s age of manufactured tile that has no individuality, add a customized appeal, and by creating an entirely new space for your senses with a Zellige kitchen design. Truly make your cooking area like no other with simple natural tones or stimulating patterns of vibrant hues. Zia Tile will help you every step of the way during your planning phase until the moment you sit down and enjoy your first morning coffee at your Zellige covered countertop.  


Our artists and designers span three continents which keep our inspiration outside the box of traditional tiling attitudes. We want you to innovate your space while improving the overall durability of your kitchen. Wall space deserves eye-catching artistry through patterned designs and the imperfections and glazes that make Zellige all the rage. We stay true to the traditional Zellige production process so that you know our tile is a product of genuine craftsmanship and artistry.


Contact us and find out more about this truly one-of-a-kind textured tile and the exciting range of colors and patterns we offer. Our helpful staff can give you more information about customized tile patterns and colors, lead times, and assist you in arranging for samples of this remarkable product. Do away with the bland and heighten the character of your home with a Zellige kitchen that will endure for generations to come. 

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