Remodeling Your Kitchen Floor? Go with Zellige Tile!

We know how it is. You designed a beautiful living room to entertain your guests, and somehow, every time you have people over, everyone ends up in the kitchen.

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12 / 15 / 2021

Even if you’re having a dinner party confined to the dining room, your friends and family will end up in the kitchen by the end of the night. It’s an anomaly that happens to everyone, and it’s somehow inevitable. Now, you have to make your kitchen a suitable space for visitors. It’s easy to make your kitchen somewhere people want to spend time, but the real challenge is wowing your house guests with the creativity of your cooking space. If you want our two cents, we recommend making the floor the focal point. If you’re looking for your kitchen to really stand out, Zellige Tile For Kitchen Floor are an excellent choice. Handcrafted in Morocco by generations of experienced craftsmen, it’s impossible not to notice these one-of-a-kind materials.   

Improve Your Small Talk

Whenever our friends catch a glimpse of our gorgeous zellige tile, the first thing they ask is the story behind the tile. So, you better be prepared to tell them the history as soon as they step into your kitchen! Just kidding. But it does make it more exciting to know what your purchasing. So, the creation of zellige tiles begins with artisans known as maâlems, which directly translates to: master craftsmen. They learn the art of zellige as apprentices, and the art has been passed down for centuries. The maâlems use a raw clay that can only be found in the Fez region of Morocco. After being hand-filtered and molded into the desired shape, (we’ll get into the wide range of cuts a little later on) they are then laid out to dry in the hot Moroccan sun. Then the tiles are hand-dipped in a special glaze and placed in a kiln made of olive pits. Any good chef knows that a successful kitchen is all about having the right recipe, and the recipe for zellige has been in the making for hundreds and hundreds of years.   

Dinner Party Décor

No matter how hard we try, kitchens don’t always stay clean. Just like your kitchen, zellige tiles are perfectly imperfect. Crazing, pits, corner chips, and small hairline cracks are expected with zellige tile and are a key part of their beautiful natural aesthetic. This also means that you don’t have to worry so much about accidental spills and natural foot traffic. Zellige tiles already have that “lovingly worn” look. When you get your boxes of zellige, mix and match tiles from different batches to highlight their characteristic variation. The other major benefit to installing zellige in your kitchen is that they’re SUPER low maintenance. Like, “doesn’t require sealing” low maintenance. They can also be laid edge to edge without grout, or with a little liquid joint cement. To keep them looking as good as new, all you have to do is lightly wipe them down with a mild soap or neutral pH cleaner. Cleaning your kitchen floor is easier than ever!   

Redecorating is Easy as Pie

Remodeling your entire kitchen is a daunting task, so if you’re worried about your new kitchen floor matching your existing décor, have no fear! You can keep what you have and accentuate it with your tiles. Zellige tiles come in such a wide range of colors and cuts, there’s a design for every interior aesthetic. Our collection contains 38+ colors, and three different sizes: 4”x4” square, 2”x2” square, 2”x6” subway, and 3.5” hex. You can choose anything from classic Carbon Black, to vibrant Cayenne red. Modernists will love our Pure White, and traditionalists tend to opt for a deep Moroccan Blue. Don’t see what you envisioned for your kitchen floor? We also do custom designs! Just drop us a line and we’ll help you make your cooking space your favorite space in the house. Contact our customer service team at 310-870-6782 or   

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