Beyond Basic Subway Tiles

It seems like white subway tiles have been a design world staple since the beginning of tile. Although there’s something classically chic about the understated nature of the reliable install, there are several ways to update this trend and give it a fresh take. You can transform the longstanding appeal of subway tiles into a captivating design statement with an open mind and a touch of creativity. From different textures to unique patterns, we’ve highlighted our favorite alternatives to standard subway tile.

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05 / 08 / 2024

absinthe zellige bejmat tiles

The dynamic option

Zellige Tile: 2”x6” Bejmat

With our 2x6-inch bejmat zellige tiles, we honor traditional Moroccan tilework with a larger size brick. Whether you opt to set the tiles horizontally or vertically, these textured pieces will create a streamlined installation with plenty of character. With a rustic, organic appearance, you can easily add a historic feel to your home. Choose from a range of 29 distinct colorways and bring a dynamic, timeless look to indoor and outdoor installations.

monument honed limestone tiles

An ancient alternative

Limestone Tile: 4”x12” Rectangle

Limestone has been utilized for construction since the dawn of early civilizations, tracing back to as early as 14,000 BCE. The timelessness of this stone is evident in its longevity, aging beautifully over time. Our limestone tiles are offered in three natural shades and two distinct finishes: honed and bush-hammered. Perfectly placed on the floor and a bit more unexpected on walls, rectangular limestone subway tiles will add visible depth and texture to your space. 

Architectural solutions

Ceramic Tile: Subway Style

The sleek look of subway tiles meets architectural-grade materials in our Ceramics line. These high-fired ceramic tiles are made in a potters’ village outside Nagoya, Japan, a culmination of 1,000 years of tradition and careful craftsmanship. One of our most uniform tiles, these beauties are ideal if you’re searching for precision without sacrificing style. Perfect for kitchen and shower walls, and other installations that require durability, our ceramic subway tiles are ultra-versatile and offered in three finishes: glossy, satin, and matte. Think beyond white and consider one of our unique shades like Field Thistle, Citron, or Sequoia.

The earthy choice

Cotto Tile: 2”x6” Rectangle

For those who prefer an earthy finish, our clay Cotto tiles are in a class of their own. These terra cotta tiles are rustic and multi-dimensional. While modern subway tiles tend to look contemporary and at times cold, these rectangular tiles are warm and welcoming. Available in six original shades, Cotto is a stunning representation of natural clay. Their effortless beauty offers the perfect boost of originality amidst the subway tile trend.

incline patterned cement tile

The sleek selection

Patterned Cement Subway Tile

If you love the appearance of a clean cement tile but want an elevated look, consider a playful pattern. Our patterned cement collection offers a fun and eye-catching alternative to solid subway tiles. Dare to create a bold backsplash or dynamic accent wall with these original pieces. Our new Case Study Collection offers several mid-century modern-inspired tiles that will pop in a standard rectangular shape. 

cantera subway tiles

An unexpected opportunity

Cantera Tile: 4”x12” Rectangle

Last but not least, consider our newest tile – Cantera. With volcanic origins, these tiles boast natural aggregate for the most captivating details. In Spanish, Cantera translates to “quarry,” an apt name for this organic stone that has been treasured throughout history. Awed by this stone found commonly throughout Mexico, we saw the potential to bring the beauty of these unique tiles to the world. To create a truly one-of-a-kind architectural space, install our 4”x12” Cantera tiles anywhere in your home.

Subway Tiles Your Way | Zia Tile

If you thought that rectangular tiles had hit their peak, think again. Our extensive range of rectangular options includes remarkable textures, finishes, and compositions. Whether you choose cool and classic limestone or warm and rustic Cotto, select subway tile alternatives that wow. To discover our complete range of handmade tiles, visit


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