Tones that Transcend: New Elemental Blue

elemental blue cement tiles

Elemental Blue is a shade that blends history with futurism. This brand new hue stands as our boldest, most vibrant tile tone yet, a testament to our desire to push the boundaries of modern design. With unparalleled intensity, it captures the essence of several iconic blue hues that redefined both architecture and fine art. From the rich azure tones of the Jardin Majorelle to Yves Klein’s timeless work, the artistic significance of our new blue tile is evident in its showstopping appearance.

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03 / 28 / 2024

yves klein blue painting
An eternal blue hue

Yves Klein’s Legacy

Our Elemental Blue tiles aim to conjure the same sense of limitless possibility that Yves Klein’s work evokes. Yves Klein's use of blue was revolutionary in the art sector and the larger design world. His obsession with a specific ultramarine hue, known as International Klein Blue, embodied a sense of purity, transcendence, and contemporary foresight.

Klein saw blue not just as a color, but as a concept. His monochromatic paintings, saturated with his precious blue hue, challenged conventional notions of art and perception. Klein’s work has influenced generations of creative spirits through its striking simplicity and commitment to a single source of inspiration. We have always been drawn to Klein's visionary approach and his emotional connection to color.

Brilliant blue architecture

Moroccan Magic

While Klein’s work was a surely an influence on this cement colorway, he wasn’t our only inspiration for Elemental Blue. With each visit to Morocco, where much of our collection is produced, we find ourselves enchanted by natural landscapes, endless tile, and vibrant colors. The vivid cobalt hues splashed across the city of  Chefchaouen create a surreal, almost dreamlike atmosphere.  

Drawing from the energy of Chefchaouen, Jardin Majorelle, and other Moroccan blue sites, we've infused these modern cement tiles with a touch of our signature Moroccan mystique. Our tiles bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, paying homage to our roots while offering a contemporary twist. With Elemental Blue, we want to urge designers and homeowners to experience its transformative power in their own spaces.

Mid-century modern marvels

The Case Study Collection

Our Case Study Collection is an homage to the timeless allure of mid-century Los Angeles architecture. It blends geometric shapes, clean lines, and vibrant yet minimalist designs. Inspired by the iconic structures that defined the era, each tile in this new line captures the essence of SoCal modernism.   

The Elemental Blue selection, a highlight of this new line, represents the boldness and sophistication synonymous with mid-century design. With its super-saturated hue, Elemental Blue secures its position as a bold yet timeless choice.  

Embrace Elemental Blue

Surrealism meets sophistication in this stunning new release. Elemental Blue represents more than just a color — it symbolizes a convergence of history, innovation, and timeless beauty. As we introduce this captivating color to the world, go bold in your next design project. Opt for a patterned cement mixing Elemental Blue with neutrals, or go for a solid tile that will beautifully patina in time. Our cement tiles are handmade by a skilled team of passionate artisans, guaranteeing that every tile is distinct, with subtle variations that add to its charm and character. Ideal for indoor use and outdoors in non-freeze/thaw climates, cement is a timeless tile choice that beautifully patinas over time. Find handcrafted tiles that speak to you at Zia.

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