New Year, New Color Trends

New Year, New Color Trends

As 2022 winds down, it’s time to think through your design projects for 2023. Get ahead of the game and start planning a few updates ASAP. If major projects aren’t in the pipeline, consider updating your color scheme and incorporating some handmade tile. Our handcrafted beauties come in a wide range of striking shades. Handmade tiles are the perfect way to change up the tones within your space. We’ve put together the ultimate color trend guide to help you discover your perfect hue.

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09 / 10 / 2022

Sherwin Williams: Darkroom

 While many design studios have highlighted vibrant hues throughout 2022, the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year for 2023 is somewhat unexpected. Darkroom is an elegant, dark chocolate brown and we have the perfect handmade tile counterpart to pay homage to this sweet shade! Our Burnt Sugar zellige tiles are deliciously dark. This palette presents an opportunity to give your interior a moody touch without sacrificing warmth. Handmade tiles are also a great way to add a splash of a trendy tone without committing to an entire space. For a playful atmosphere, pair our Burnt Sugar tiles with a soft rose or mauve tone. Opt for brushed brass and nickel finishes that enhance, rather than distract, from your dark brown tiles.

Valspar: Youthful Neutrals

Valspar’s 2023 color palette consists mainly of neutrals – with a twist. Understated (dare we say boring?) neutrals have been traded for light yet vibrant shades. Rather than muted, muddy hues, Valspar’s collection of neutrals includes colors like Cozy White, Green Trellis, Desert Carnation, and Rising Tide. The idea is to avoid shades that look too watered down. Colors that would typically be used in more youthful spaces are making their way into grown-up interiors. Light, bright, yet still calming, experiment with this trendy juxtaposition.

Pietro pink zellige

Coloro + WGSN: Digital Lavender

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: Very Peri. Coloro and WGSN have put their own twist on last year’s iconic shade. Rather than a vibrant periwinkle, Digital Lavender is a much softer tone. While it still has a purple base with a hint of blue, this lavender is truer to its pastel purple roots. Our brand-new Montana cement tiles are the perfect pop of purple for your home. These stunning cement tiles don’t take themselves too seriously; the beauty of purple lies in its regal-yet-playful nature. However, the lighter version of this bold hue may be even easier to blend with your existing décor.

Handmade Montana purple cement tile from Zia Tile.

PPG Paints: Vining Ivy

 PPG Paints has dubbed Vining Ivy as the top tone for 2023. This rich, muted turquoise achieves perfect balance between blue and green. Teal is the ultimate jewel tone, as it seamlessly blends with organic décor. Make a natural statement without sacrificing vibrancy. Our Aegean blue tiles are an excellent match for the Vining Ivy paint color. For an extra-dynamic look, create an ombre effect with a light green or blue tile like Tidepool or Tulum.

Aegean blue and Tulum zellige tiles

Fashion Week: Pastels

 Pastels made a massive comeback on recent runways. Fashion Week is an excellent source of inspiration for future-focused design trends. Embrace classic colors like butter yellow, pale pink, baby blue, and mint green. These pastels are unapologetically delicate, without appearing overly watered down. It’s your turn to imagine a soft space that celebrates color. For a true pastel tone, opt for our Skylight blue zellige tiles. These pretty pastel tiles are a true light blue. Refreshing and timeless, cool-toned pastels will always have a place in designer homes. Handmade tiles are the perfect way to give your interior a pastel pop.

Skylight blue zellige tiles

Find Your Perfect Handmade Tiles

 While trends are undoubtedly exciting, it’s important to stay true to your personal style. Your interior should be a representation of who you are, while trending tones offer some fresh inspiration. This balance between personality and popularity is imperative. We offer handmade tiles in every color under the sun, so browse our collections of Moroccan zellige tiles, encaustic cement tiles, and more. Need a little guidance on how to choose the right tile for your space? We’ve got your back! Contact our team at

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