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Vertical nude zellige tiles in shower

Once you’ve chosen your tile, the design process is just getting started! The next step is to land on a layout. If you’ve fallen in love with the look of rectangular brick tiles, you’re not alone. This popular shape falls at an intersection between classic and contemporary, with several stylish ways to arrange your installation. Whether you’re embarking on a floor or wall-to-wall install, selecting the right layout is as essential as the tile itself.

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06 / 05 / 2024

Green ceramic rectangular tiles in shower

The original subway tile layout

Tried-and-True: Offset Tiles

Offset rectangular tiles rose to popularity with New York City’s iconic subway walls, hence the name, “subway tiles.” While the original design features glossy white offset tiles, achieve an updated look by choosing darker or more vibrant colors and unique textures. Adding contrasting grout can provide visual interest, making the design stand out even more. For inspiration, look to designer Georgia Tapert Howe, who used our Kelp Forest ceramic 2x4” tiles to create a striking shower design that offers a contemporary twist on a classic.

A sleek yet unique look

Sleek and Chic: Horizontal Tiles

Stacked horizontal tiles create a clean, sophisticated look that appeals to anyone who appreciates a uniform appearance, a timeless design that will never tire. For a textured upgrade to this traditional look, opt for handcrafted zellige tiles. These tiles add an artisanal touch that enhances the overall aesthetic. Take inspiration from our showcased install, which features honey-hued Amber zellige tiles that perfectly embody this sleek and chic design.

blue vertical cement tiles in shower

Modern and stylish vertical tiles

Contemporary Take: Vertical Tiles

Vertical subway tiles are on trend, yet equally timeless, making significant waves in the design world. This layout offers an unexpected alternative to the traditional horizontal arrangement, visually lengthening your space and creating the illusion of higher ceilings. For an extra modern touch, opt for matte cement tiles as an alternative to glossy, often-white standards. Our featured image showcases Midnight cement 2x8” tiles, adding a bold, sophisticated edge to any room.

Herringbone zellige tiles in shower

A classic, historic layout

Fine Lines: Herringbone Tiles

There’s something undeniably glamorous about a herringbone layout. The design was popularized in French interiors, appealing to those who love old-world charm. Traditionally done with hardwood, using tile is another way to explore this chic pattern. The herringbone layout is not limited to floors – it can also be beautifully arranged on shower walls. As illustrated above, our best-selling Unglazed Natural zellige tiles bring a touch of classic elegance to a modern shower, creating a stunning visual impact.

A Layout for Every Tile Install

Find your perfect pattern

When it’s time to commit to a layout, take some time to browse installation shots and even arrange your own tiles in various patterns to get a feel for your options. Whether you are tiling your entire foyer or simply adding a stylish backsplash, the layout you choose is a direct reflection of your personal style. To learn more about each tile type, visit our blog, and reach out with any questions about installation as you prepare for your own noteworthy design.

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