A Backsplash That Splashes Back

Make a splash with an eye-catching new backsplash. Make the most of the space above your kitchen countertops with a display of dynamic tiles, like handcrafted Moroccan zellige. Handmade zellige tiles have been a design staple for centuries. Their signature variation will add texture and enhance any designer kitchen. If you’re searching for some serious backsplash inspiration, you’ll drool over these handpicked installations. We’ve highlighted the best of the best when it comes to zellige tile backsplashes. You’ll see why renowned designers keep coming back for more.

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09 / 10 / 2022

Classic Unglazed Natural

 You can’t go wrong with a classic. Our traditional unglazed zellige tiles have an incomparable earthy quality. The textured matte finish lets the clay base shine. Master renovator McCall Renold chose to pair our unglazed zellige tiles with marble countertops and white wood cabinets. For an extra-organic twist, she and her husband hung floating wood shelves over the zellige backsplash. As far as finishes go, this dynamic duo chose a matte black range hood and matching black pulls. Finally, the warmth of the bronze pendant lights and leather bar chairs complements the natural zellige tone.

Unglazed zellige backsplash

Dazzling Tulum Tiles

 Subway-style tiles have been buzzy for some time, but handcrafted zellige is the perfect option to elevate and differentiate tried-and-true trend.  One of our favorite recent installations includes our vibrant 2”x6” Tulum tiles. Talk about making a splash! These bright blue beauties are reminiscent of tropical turquoise waters. Architectural design studio The Designecture used our Tulum subway tiles in their most recent kitchen renovation. The playful space is accentuated by pops of cherry red to contrast the teal blue. Once again, floating wood shelves make a striking appearance against the glossy zellige. Matching wood cabinets let the Tulum tiles remain the focal point of the room.

Tulum zellige tile backsplash

Gorgeous Graphite Grey

 If cool neutrals are more up your alley, we’ve got you covered! Our Graphite grey zellige tiles are glossy and full of dimension. Some pieces have a hint of blue whereas others have a hint of purple, creating a multi-faceted look. Top interior designer Melissa Prevost used our Graphite zellige tiles for her counter-to-ceiling kitchen backsplash. The surrounding bronze and brushed-gold finishes add warmth to this cool color palette, while the rounded shape of the facuet and langing light fixture soften the edgy zellige. This minimalistic design lets the zellige tiles shine, appearing effortlessly elegant and refined.

Graphite zellige backsplash

Tranquil Tidepool

 Our Tidepool zellige tiles combine earthy tones with a subtle vibrancy. The hazel and ochre notes make these green-blue beauties totally unique. Pulling from the warm undertones of our Tidepool tiles, Kelly Martin uses brown as the base of this kitchen. A gold faucet adds a timeless touch, and the floating shelves enhance the organic feel. This LA-based interior displays a unique take on a California kitchen. With the warm, welcoming feel of a California home, the darker tones and artisanal backsplash add a moody touch.

Tidepool zellige backsplash

Beautiful Burnt Sugar

 If you love deeper tones, but black is too harsh for you or your space, our Burnt Sugar shade is the perfect solution. This warm,  brown is moody yet welcoming. It’s easy to fall in love with the rich, reflective quality of these handcrafted pieces. Pro designer Zoë Feldman chose to install our Burnt Sugar zellige tiles in her headquarters’ kitchenette – because who wouldn’t want to work near our mesmerizing tiles every day? Zoë chose to pair our cozy chestnut tiles with a white stone countertop, brushed gold details, and striking pink cabinetry. The dusty rose shade is the perfect complement to our zellige tile backsplash.

Burnt sugar zellige backsplash

More Zellige Tile Backsplash Inspo

 Can’t get enough trendy tile inspiration? Neither can we! Check out our Instagram for a complete display of our favorite zellige-forward interiors. With so many gorgeous tiles, it can be difficult to choose the perfect zellige tile for your backsplash project, but we’re here to help. Contact our team at info@ziatile.com and we’ll guide you through the tile selection process. The kitchen of your dreams is just one zellige tile backsplash away.

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