The Leo Cottage: Cement Tile at Its Most Charming

The Leo Cottage: Cement Tile at Its Most Charming

Cozy cottage style has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. The classic shabby chic aesthetic has increasingly incorporated color and quirk.

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09 / 20 / 2021

 Cozy cottage style has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. The classic shabby chic aesthetic has increasingly incorporated color and quirk. Current-day design aficionados have seen thousands of renovations via Pinterest and Instagram. It’s not an easy task to maintain the charming character of an older home while still  appealing to the modern viewer who has seen it all. Designer Kate Marker, however, was up for the challenge. Marker took a vintage lakeside cottage and made it undeniably unforgettable and strikingly unique. With no detail left unfinished, The Leo Cottage simultaneously feels like home and a breezy escape from reality. Alongside a little help from Zia Tile, the theme of this rentable shore-side cottage is embracing all things handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.   

You Can Teach a New Tile Old Tricks

  Subway tiles are toted as an entirely contemporary trend. However, Kate Marker found a way to seamlessly blend the past and the present in utilizing these popular pieces. The two defining elements that make these tiles work in a 1920’s interior are the color and the installation pattern. Our Delta Moon shade is delightfully retro and it pays homage to the classic “in-between shades” of years past. Not quite coral and not quite pink, this salmon-tinted Cement Tile is impossible to define, making it an ideal choice for a space that aims to transcend time periods. Instead of laying the 2x8 cement tile in the trendy offset orientation we’ve seen time and time again, the chevron pattern provides a clear callback to deco designs.   
2×8 Cement Tile in Delta Moon via Kate Marker Interiors

Cement for Summertime, and the Livin’s Easy

  One way to describe The Leo Cottage is unapologetically cheerful. This is a holiday home, and it’s meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. The Delta Moon cement tile emphasizes the playful intentions of this bright space. When you design a cottage overlooking a lake, you have to play to its beachy strengths. By using warm-toned flooring in an entryway space, guests are instantly reminded that they’re there for one reason – to relax and have fun!   

Kid-Friendly, Designer Approved

  Speaking of having fun, a major benefit of encaustic cement tile is the practically priceless peace of mind. The Leo Cottage invites sandy feet to pitter patter in and out of French doors. With complementary bicycles and a backyard intended as a gateway to and from the lake, this kid-friendly cottage is indoor/outdoor living at its finest. Encaustic cement tile is durable, long-lasting, and water-resistant when sealed correctly. This home may be historic, but it wasn’t intended to be a museum. The “look but don’t touch” motto simply doesn’t fly in this family-friendly environment, so all of its building blocks had to somewhat welcome wear and tear. With cement tile, the natural patina is a part of the charm.   

A Picture-Perfect Interior Is Worth a Thousand Words

  Described as “carefree” by Kate Marker herself, this quaint cabin defies the laws of design and manages to look both meticulous and effortless all at once. Guests will fawn over the intentional elements that flow freely together. Each piece of furniture is noticeably unique, but nothing distracts from the overall picture. The genial radiance of our Delta Moon cement tile is offset by the decorative greenery that peppers the room. The mixed metals and varied selection of woods blends together in a cohesively eccentric manner. The Leo Cottage just “works” in a way that only an expert designer can execute, and Kate Marker is exactly that.    
2×8 Cement Tile in Delta Moon via Kate Marker Interiors

Chase Your Own Designer Dream

  We’re always honored when a skilled creator chooses from our cement tile selection to craft their space. The Leo Cottage is hands-down one of our favorite installations. It’s always thrilling to try to imagine how our tiles will be ultimately implemented, but nothing could prepare us for the lighthearted masterpiece that is this vacation home. We are head-over-heels in love with Kate’s final vision, and tickled Delta Moon pink that we got to be a part of it. At Zia Tile, we are passionate about getting to know designers and homeowners and bringing their décor dreams to life.  If you have a project you want to chat about, we’d be over the Delta Moon to help you out. (That’s the last Delta Moon pun, we promise.) Feel free to contact our customer service team for all your tile needs. Happy designing!

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