Zia Tile Meets Restored by the Fords

12 / 15 / 2021

To say we’re big fans of HGTV would be an understatement. Obsessed would be a more accurate word to describe our relationship with the network. Other Househunters addicts will attest, binging HGTV is one vice we refuse to give up. When Leanne Ford of Restored by the Fords chose to install our encaustic cement tiles in one of her televised renovations, we couldn’t conceal our excitement. To work with such a legendary designer was a privilege in and of itself, but seeing the effect of our Cairo tile in such a carefully curated space was absolutely surreal.  
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Risky Business

  The Helmstetter project is one that has to be seen to be fully understood. On paper, the combination of traditional architecture with a modern color palette and Mid-century details is a bit of a head-scratcher. But that’s what the best designers do. Truly gifted renovators combine several stylistic eras to create an interior that’s never been seen before. You can’t introduce something fresh and unique without taking significant risks. For Leanne, those risks paid off. Big time.  
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

  Think you can’t incorporate moody hues and create a wide, open space? Think again. In typical Ford fashion, the use of bright white isn’t limited to the walls. Ford trades stainless steel for white appliances that blend in rather than stand out. This puts the focus of the space on the quirky additions like the tile and the retro modernist light fixtures. The use of white paint and white tile on the upper half of each room is a deliberate and successful attempt to elongate the space. The trick to preventing the split wall from stunting the room is to make the ceiling appear non-existent, and create the illusion of an infinity of pristine white.  
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Too Cool for School

  Cool tones are heavily associated with a modern aesthetic. Leanne Ford focused on deep greens, blues, and clean white to bring a contemporary touch to the classic architecture. The warmth in the home is carried singlehandedly by the cherry wood that makes an appearance in almost every room. Our Cairo tile serves as a touch of lightheartedness in an otherwise mature interior. The surreal visual effect adds a layer of well-earned whimsy to this sophisticated space. The contrast between the bright blues and the dark wood is visually striking, which is exactly what the designer intended.   
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Combos of Creativity

  Though sticking to a predominately minimalist color scheme, Ford is no stranger to texture. From the glossy backsplash to the accents of greenery, there’s nothing about this space that feels flat. For the most innovative of interiors, our Cairo tile is showstopper if we’ve ever seen one. We’re flattered to serve as the pop of artificial color among a largely neutral interior. Maintaining her theory of less is more, the playfully vibrant floor tiles are free to shine without competing with their surroundings. When installed edge to edge, this tile creates a three-dimensional effect.  
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Moody, Modern, and Modest

  Although the home is chic and polished, there is a detectable element of rustic style sprinkled throughout.  The wood furnishings and visible brick details prevent the interior from taking itself too seriously. To create a space that feels refined and cozy at the same time is difficult task, but Ford is an absolute master at marrying the two contrasting styles. Our Cairo tiles are individually crafted by hand, which means they have natural variation from piece to piece. The perfectly imperfect finish is an ideal way to marry dashing elegance and homey approachability.   
Reid Rolls via Leanne Ford for HGTV

Calling All Designers

  Working with design visionaries is our passion. Nothing gets us going like the phrase “gutted renovation.” Seeing an interior transform from dated and dilapidated to strikingly innovative is beyond gratifying, especially if we’ve had a hand in the remodel. From our versatile cement tiles to our Moroccan zellige, we offer something for every method and mood. Browse our catalog of one-of-a-kind patterns and shades or commission a custom design unique to you. Handmade by skilled artisans, our tiles are more than just building blocks. They’re art you get to live on. If you’re as inspired by Leanne Ford’s Helmstetter project as we are, contact our team and we can help you build your own electrifying interior. Zia Tile ships worldwide from Los Angeles, California. We can’t wait to hear about your next brilliant design project.