first 5 samples are free!
first 5 samples are free!

Art You Can Step On! (Cement Tiles for Your Kitchen Floor)

05 / 01 / 2020





Tile is a pretty common choice for kitchen floors, so how do you make yours stand out? There’s a reason why we fell in love with cement tiles, and why we believe encaustic cement is one of the most reliable materials on the market. We could go on and on about their durability, but we also have to mention how gosh darn gorgeous they look! By some unknown law of the universe, the kitchen is always the preferred spot for guests to congregate at the end of the night, and that’s all the more reason to make your space ultra-unique. The kitchen floor can quickly become the focus of the room, which can be a good thing if you have the right base. Stumped on décor ideas, or just overwhelmed by the infinite options? Let’s open up that recipe book and we’ll cook up your perfect kitchen tile.





For the Contemporary Chef



If your taste shades modern, cement tile is beyond ideal. The matte surface couldn’t be trendier, and there are plenty of contemporary patterns to choose from. If you want to keep it chic with black and white, consider the Los Feliz, Meridian, or Zion tile. If you want clean lines with a pop of color, check out the Brixton or our popular Delta tile. You can also get a but more playful with your space by combining solid color tiles with patterned tiles. Some of our favorite solid/patterned combos are: Slate and Polaris or Milano and Olympic.






For Those Who Prefer Traditional Recipes



Imagine walking into your kitchen and being transported to a Mediterranean beach town. Spanish and Moroccan-inspired interiors are enjoying a huge resurgence recently, and these traditional patterns are impossible to ignore. If bold and traditional are your vibe, Spanish tiles will make the right statement. The Toledo tile is perfect for someone who wants a colorful interior, and the Sevilla tile is perfect for designers who want something more monochromatic.




Cuts for Confident Cooks



Cement tiles don’t just come in standard shapes, they’re also available in hexagons and diamonds. We love interior designers who want to take a risk and use a less conventional cut for their kitchen floor. In fact, one of our favorite installments was a kitchen floor covered in the three-dimensional Hexacube. From our minimalist Olso hex, to our bestselling starburst Victory tile, your guests will be green with envy over your new floors.



wkndr Interior Design




Not-So-Simple Subway Style



Who said subway tiles were just for backsplashes and bathrooms? Consider covering your kitchen floor in a striking chevron pattern, or a vertical stack. These rectangular tiles are super versatile, and have just a little more edge than your average tile. Our 2×8 subway tiles come in too many solid colors to list, ranging all the way from Charcoal to Atomic red to pastel Jaipur pink and warm and wonderful Terra Cotta.






Wipe Away Your Worries



We don’t want to speak for you, but let’s just say OUR kitchen is hardly the cleanest room in the house. We get it, it’s hard to keep your kitchen spotless, no matter how hard you try. If you have kids, animals, or you’re just a little accident prone, you’ll be relieved to know that cement tiles are pretty hardy once sealed. All you have to do is use 511 Porous Plus by Miracle Sealants after your installation, and you’re good to go! If you really want to make sure they’ll stand the test of time, add a layer of Fila Surface Solutions Matt Wax on top. Other than that, just clean them with a pH neutral cleaner.



Need to speak to an actual human?! We’re here to help!



Are you ready to transform your kitchen floor with some gorgeous encaustic cement? We’ll help you narrow down your options, or just bounce ideas back and forth. Zia Tile is based in Los Angeles, but we can ship our tiles practically anywhere in the world. We also offer free samples so you can test the waters before placing your full order. Go ahead, send us an email. Tell us about your kitchen floor idea and we’ll make it a reality.


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