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Baraka Point: Tile Meets the Tropics

05 / 27 / 2020


Many locales claim to be the, “epitome of luxury.” In the case of Baraka Point, they’d be right.  A private villa that kisses the Caribbean Sea, this may be the only place in the world you can achieve this level of serene lavishness. Everyone has their own definition of paradise, but there are some places on this planet that are indisputably heavenly. The British Virgin Islands are one of those places. Ever since viewing the final photos of this now-iconic destination, our dreams have been permeated with visions of seaside splendor. So, go ahead and drool. We won’t judge.


When you design a mansion that comes with its own service staff and a private chef, the expectations for the interior are higher than the turquoise-blue Caribbean sky. Every detail must be absolutely breathtaking, and if you ask us, designer Jennifer Bogdany executed this challenge in spades. The interior is a delicate balance between echoing the lush tropics and introducing high-end, contemporary flair. The color palette radiates traditional island style, and the finishes exude a sleek splendor. Incorporating both Zia Tile’s handcrafted cement AND Moroccan zellige tile, Baraka Point combines composition and culture.


“In summary, we chose Zia because they represent unique, high quality, artisanal tiles, and because of their excellent customer service plus the ease of viewing and choosing tile from a first rate website.” – Jennifer Bogdany




Deluxe & Diverse



Jennifer Bogdany wanted to use colors that reflected the Caribbean surroundings, while incorporating Eastern-inspired details. The Baraka Point Estate doesn’t feel like a home away from home because it’s not supposed to. It is supposed to feel far away from the stress of everyday life. Your time at Baraka should feel endless, and the location should feel singularly exotic and exceptionally isolated. It’s easy to see why Coastal Living coined a new aesthetic description for Baraka: Island Exotica. It’s not quite like anything you’ve (or we’ve!) seen before, and that’s exactly what the designer intended.



Baraka Point via Jennifer Bogdany ft. Zia Tile’s Amber Zellige



An Upscale way to Unwind



It’s lovely to indulge in silk sheets and soft furnishings, but there’s nothing like an opulent bathroom. It’s a place to relax, rejuvenate, and soak up all the sensations of a luxury vacation. The use of glossy zellige tiles on the bathroom wall make the entire interior glow, if we do say so ourselves. The reflection of the soft light on the reflective surface looks like a piece of precious jewelry adorning the entire room.  In one bathroom, the Moroccan blue zellige tiles accentuate the rich metals. In the other, the Amber zellige tiles resemble shimmering bars of gold against the matte black details.



Baraka Point via Jennifer Bogdany ft. Zia Tile’s Moroccan Blue Zellige



More is More



Normally, a patterned tile floor would immediately become the focus of the room. However, this designer was able to incorporate vibrant flooring while still blending it seamlessly with the rest of the décor. It’s not an easy feat, but Bogdany makes it look effortless. The use of our visually dynamic Isola tile adds a multicultural element that you can’t quite put your finger on. Not quite Mediterranean, not quite South Asian, this tile is a vivid enigma. The dazzling paradox is what made Isola the PERFECT choice for Baraka.


“…the ochre Zellige throughout all the en suites in the buildings off the main pavilion tie[s] the areas together. Plus, ornately patterned floor tiles bring texture and set off the solid coloured Zellige tiles. Inside is outside, outside is inside to create a flowing ambience of natural colours in harmony with the villa’s surroundings.”



Baraka Point via Jennifer Bogdany ft. Zia Tile’s Amber Zellige and Isola Cement



Baraka Wasn’t Built in a Day



When you’re designing a holiday villa at this caliber, the source of the materials is just as important as how they look. Bogdany sourced furnishings of only the highest quality.


We chose Zia Tile because they are the premiere supplier of Zellige and encaustic cement tile in the USA—Zia has an incredible range of styles and colours so your choice is almost endless.”



Baraka Point via Jennifer Bogdany ft. Zia Tile’s Jade Zellige and Fez Cement



“Baraka Point is all about laid back luxury in a sensually engaging environment full of colour and texture and surrounded by lush palm gardens, tropical flowers, white sand beaches and azure seas. We wanted the interiors to reflect the vibrancy of the villa’s exterior backdrop; indoor spaces workIng in harmony with outdoor areas so the two blend together. […] Zia helped us achieve this with our choice of Zellige colours—ochre (golden sunshine & spectacular Baraka sunsets) in the bar, at the heart of the main entertainment pavilion, with jade green (abundant nature, palm fronds, flowering trees and plants) wrapping around the kitchen…”


Glamour without pretention and island vibes without kitsch. From the shimmering bar to the radiant kitchen, we can all agree that Baraka Point is in a league of its own.


Made by Hand, with Heart


At Zia Tile, we value craftsmanship and artistry above all else. That’s why we fawn over creative designers and one-of-a-kind projects. It’s also why we work with skilled artisans who create each of our tiles by hand. For Jennifer Bogdany, handmade materials were crucial to executing her vision:


“Baraka is a home that embraces the natural environment, and there isn’t another villa like it in the British Virgin Islands so our choice of tile had to be ‘of the earth’ and it had to set us apart from all other homes, to express our individuality.”



Baraka Point via Jennifer Bogdany ft. Zia Tile’s Amber Zellige



If you have a project that requires a little something extra, our cement and zellige tiles pack a serious décor punch. We love connecting with designers and homeowners with a unique vision, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your own soon-to-be-sensational renovation. Drop us a line here.

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