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Delta Dreams: The Ultimate Patterned Cement Tile

07 / 07 / 2020

8x8 square 'delta' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)



Each of our tiles is as unique as the designer who orders them, but there is one tile that achieves an unmatched level of versatility. Our Delta tile is for the modernist, the traditionalist, the minimalist, AND the lover of color. We hate to play favorites when it comes to our catalog, but Delta is definitely among our top choices for patterned cement tile. In five colorways and an infinite number of installation patterns, Delta is suited to almost any interior no matter your personal style. Need a little inspiration for your new Delta dreams? Read on! We’ve had the chance to work with some amazing designers who have blown us away with their concepts for this flexible tile pattern.





Countless Creations



While it may look like a basic two-toned tile, Delta is deceptively simple. We’ve seen this patterned tile arranged in ways we never even imagined. Use Delta to create a funky chevron pattern, or sleek black and white stripes. Fulfill your checkerboard fantasies with a retro design, or go abstract and lay each tile in a different direction. Channel your inner Marilyn and cover your floor in a diamond cement tile pattern. From pinwheels to starbursts, there’s no limit to the creative concepts you can craft with Delta.



8x8 square 'Delta' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Delta handmade encaustic cement tile in Jaipur Pink and White Cement from Zia Tile



Black, White, and Beyond



Let’s talk neutrals. Those who are passionate about pigment, we’ll get to you in a second (promise!). When you’re choosing such a bold pattern, you may want to counteract the daring design with an innocuous shade. Our white/pewter combo is the subtlest of our selection, followed closely by the ever classic black and white. Want a just a hint of color? Our new Delta Jaipur shade is a pale beigey pink.



4x4 square 'Delta' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (48 tiles in each box)
Delta white and black 4×4 encaustic cement tile from Zia Tile, Los Angeles



Colorways for Days



If you’ve chosen a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your interior, why not show it off? Let your handmade encaustic tile be the center of attention with a stunningly bold colorway. Make your space stand out with our alluring, aquatic White/Ocean combo. Maybe you’re hot for warm tones, in which case you have to check out our peachy Delta Moon 4×4. For something smack-dab in between subdued and showy, our Midnight option is a stunning royal teal that still looks sophisticated.






Work Hard, Design Harder



From a funky patio to a trendy backsplash, our Delta tile is an adaptable showstopper. Homeowners fall in love with the flexibility of the design again and again, but we have to give a shout out to our commercial customers. We’re seriously stunned by some of the insane installations in restaurants and company spaces. It’s important to build your business and make it memorable for your clientele. We might be a little biased, but a vibrant tile floor or accent wall is an easy way to catch a customer’s eye. Nothing captures the attention of passerby’s quite like attractively audacious interior design, and that includes patterned encaustic tile. Plus, they’re super easy to clean and ideal for durability. Win-win!





Delta Straight from the Source



There are a lot of reasons we love our job, but working with potential clients has to be our favorite part. Watching someone’s design pipe dream slowly morph into a mind-blowing reality is an absolute joy. Our Delta-oriented projects have been some of the best to watch come to fruition, and we chalk that up to the vivid versatility. This cement tile is undeniably magical, and we can’t wait to see the role it plays in future projects. Have you been charmed by Delta? Give us a call and tell us about your inspiring ideas! Whether your renovating a home or redoing your restaurant, our customer service team is just an email away.




Delta encaustic cement tile on this Nashville bathroom wall
Delta midnight and white encaustic cement tile installed on this Nashville hotel bathroom wall




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