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Encaustic Tile 

02 / 17 / 2018

8x8 square 'Meridian' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)




Trying to breathe new life into a kitchen or bathroom is on the to-do list of many homeowners. Encaustic tile is the more popular option for these types of projects due to its versatility and eye-catching patterns. The endless combinations of patterns and full-spectrum color choices make this style option a no-brainer when deciding on the best tile option for your home.  


The flexibility and limitless personalization options demonstrate why encaustic tile has been trusted for enhancing spaces for centuries. 



What Is Encaustic Tile?


When comparing encaustic and ceramic tile, you may notice a lot of similarities in versatility, but the variation and uniqueness of each tile is what makes encaustic tile stand apart. While encaustic tile shares similarities to its ceramic counterpart, it is more varied from tile to tile. This is mostly due to the manufacturing process that incorporates cement and pigment in a three-layered process. 


The stunning patterns that emerge after undergoing formation in a hydraulic press last a lifetime. Zellige artistry and themes marry well with encaustic tile and provide an even more detailed surface coloration and intricacy. These products enable you to incorporate almost any taste and color combination into your home. From a modern art style to traditional influence, your personal expression creates a customized environment that speaks to your interests. 



8x8 square 'Atlas' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Atlas in cadmium, pewter, sky, denim blue and white cement tile from Zia Tile, Los Angeles

Using Encaustic Tile In Your Home Is A Great Design Choice


Encaustic tile is a smart decision for any room or outdoor patio area due to its versatility in design and range. Over the centuries, this tile option has proven itself over and over again as being beautiful, expressive, and durable. Homeowners and designers alike choose encaustic tiling over ceramic for good reason. Primarily, its endless customization of shape, color selection, and customizable design make it the most versatile and available decor option in the market.  


Features that make encaustic tile so popular in the home are:


  • Wide range of colors
  • Traditional and customizable patterns
  • Unique sizes and shapes, from square to hex and rectangular


At Zia Tile, we offer a large selection of encaustic tile handmade in Los Angeles. Our team is here to help tap into your imagination and develop truly unique ideas. 



8x8 'Los Feliz' encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 5.28 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Los Feliz Black and White Cement Tile from Zia Tile, Los Angles


Enhance Your Home With Encaustic Tile Inside and Out


Interior designers and new home buyers often forget that encaustic tile is great for not only the floor but in other areas. Delicately placed patterns with complementing shades of colorful tones will make this popular product easy to use anywhere you can think to install it. 


Look beyond a simple kitchen backsplash and visualize accented doorways and half-walls. Where your bathroom walls seem monotonous, you can install an elegant pattern and hue that inspires the mind. Zia Tile brings you endless geometric pattern options and intricately styled linear design with coordinating color palettes to choose from. 


Use encaustic tiling in a variety of ways:


  • Create an outdoor patio backsplash to make your bar area stand out
  • Enhance your sunroom by installing a tile-covered wall for depth
  • Make a faux runner through your hallway using patterned encaustic tile
  • Design a new shower area with a stylish modern feel
  • Accentuate your fireplace to make it a focal point in your living room
  • Tile your floors any room to visually enlarge the space
  • Infuse a mix of color and design into your stairway
  • Improve the appearance of your retaining wall with a complimenting geometric pattern


Encaustic tile beautifies your space in several ways, but especially by blending the old with the new. Choosing a cement-based material increases your options for color schemes and texture while aging just like traditional materials like wood and ceramic.  

8x9 'Umbra' hexagonal encaustic cement tile , 5/8 inch thick, 4.4 square feet per box (12 tiles in each box)
Umbra 8×9 hexagonal cement tile from Zia Tile

Customized Encaustic Tile in Los Angeles



Wherever you ultimately have your encaustic tile installed, Zia Tile has the resources and selection to fuel your creativity so that you get the best results. We pride ourselves in offering a range of styles, colors, and patterns to inspire and represent your unique style and personality. Your finished project will bring your living space years of lasting beauty and practicality that family and friends will rave about. 


Do you have a renovation or new home design that needs a premier tile option? Zia Tile is ready to speak with you and begin exploring all of the fantastic craftsmanship and personalization that encaustic tiles have to offer. We would love to introduce you to the process and meticulous craftsmanship that we put into all of our handmade tiles ready to ship here in Los Angeles. To learn more about all of the eye-catching colors and patterns available in our line of encaustic tile, contact our team of designers today. 


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