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Feelin’ Hot: Zellige for Your Fireplace

05 / 01 / 2020



Sometimes life throws a pandemic at you….. and now that we all have some time on our hands, a bit of DIY home remodeling sounds like a great idea! But where to start?! Well, we have one burning suggestion – the fireplace.


Located smack dab in the middle of your homes focal point, a fireplace is a small space with a massive impact. And although everyone has a different aesthetic, Moroccan décor (and zellige, especially) transcends the fickle trendiness of other tiles. With it’s millennia-long impact on the grand tradition of tile making; zellige is forever.


Adorning fireplaces with traditional Moroccan zellige tile is a longstanding tradition in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The fireplace is often hailed as the center of the home, so it’s always been a prime location for adding eye-catching detail – from our organically textured 4×4’s to chunky, multihued 2×6 bejmat subway, and even beautifully tessellated zellige mosaics. Not to mention, their rich history makes for one heck of a conversation piece.





Zellige fireplace in Dar Si Moussa apartments, Bahia Palace



Faint to Flamboyant



Close your eyes and picture a Moroccan interior. Okay, now open them. We can almost bet that you imagined rich jewel tones and deep, vibrant colors. While it’s true that Morocco is not shy when it comes to exploring bright and bold décor, the art and architecture also incorporates tasteful neutral tones and subtle shades. Perfect for complimenting the warm glow of the flames, our Desert Bloom tiles are an authentically rosy nude, and our Amber tiles are a multidimensional take on traditional golden clay.


But if splashy is what you’re looking for after all, there are plenty of options that will make your fireplace a focal point. Consider Cayenne red or Cadmium yellow if you’re in the mood for pigment with pizazz. Plus, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the range of classic blue hues. Morocco is famous for embracing shades of the sky and sea, just look at their all blue town of Chefchaouen. If azure and cerulean are what you’re after, we offer everything from Turquoise to Skylight.






Chronicle of Creativity



We like zellige tiles for their glossy, intricate appearance, but we love them for their story. The art of creating zellige has been passed down for generations, and perfected by master craftsmen knows as maâlems. It was originally only accessible to wealthy commissioners in North Africa and the Mediterranean, which means modern day homeowners should feel like royalty! The fireplace is already a regal statement piece. Why not play to its natural majesty?


The clay used to create zellige tiles is harvested in a specific area of Morocco known as the Fez region. After the clay is molded into its desired shape, it is left out to dry in the Moroccan sun. They are then hand-dipped in glaze and fired in an earthen kiln. This unique method of preparation results in beautiful tonal variation; it’s this dissimilarity that makes each tile individually unique and incredibly beautiful. Out of the fire and right back in – adorning your fireplace with zellige tiles, will immediately reminded of their heated history.





2x6 'Racing Green' glazed terra-cotta zellige, 3/4 inch thick, 7.23 square feet per box (90 tiles)
Deep, dark, and iridescent; our Racing Green 2×6 Moroccan zellige .





Let Us Light Your Artistic Flame



If you have a burning desire to talk through your fireplace design, we’re here to listen! Moroccan Zellige Tile For Fireplace are our passion, and we can’t wait to share their beauty with you. At Zia Tile, we know each customer has their own unique style, which is why we offer 38+ colors of zellige tiles. We also offer these gorgeous tiles in the following sizes: 4”x4” square, 2”x6” subway, and 3.5” hexagons.


Even though they are inarguably unique, we really believe zellige tiles can complement any interior with the right choice of shape and shade. If you’re not quite sure which finish will work with your existing living room, we can definitely help. Not only do we have color-matching services, but we also offer custom options for the ultra-imaginative designer. In our opinion, the immediate visibility makes a fireplace the perfect place to add a little personality to your home. Undecided about what kind of installation makes the most sense in your space? Send us an email at info@ziatile.com or give us a call at 310-730-0600. We’re excited to hear about your fiery ideas!


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